Leveraging 5G, Network Slicing and MEC to Real-World Services and True Business Value

In late 2019, China Telecom announced a new 5G network slicing project trial in China that will be focused on the promise and potential of enterprise and industrial applications. This experiment will ultimately lead to the first 5G smart factory, which will then be used as an example and prototyp...
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IoT and Tech Use Cases in China to Fight COVID-19 (Telemedicine/Healthcare)

With more than 700,000 people worldwide affected by the Coronavirus, we as a global community face a pandemic unlike anything any of us has ever seen.  During this time, CTA’s primary focus has been the safety and well-being of our employees, colleagues, and communities around the world. As on...
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China Telecom’s WDM Backbone Network: the Road to All-Optical Network 2.0

In the past ten years, the traffic volume on China Telecom's backbone networks has been growing at an astonishing rate of 47% per year. This poses a range of challenges to equipment investment, equipment room construction, power consumption and loading, and system operations. In an attempt to add...
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The Rise of Open Source Network Technologies in China

China is currently the third largest contributor to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and its contributions to the open source and cloud markets are continuously growing. A number of emerging technologies are making open source technology more attractive to Chinese companies, and new project...
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Building the Right Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Consistent Edge Performance in China

The Chinese market for content consumption is massive.  More than 802 million citizens are now actively using the internet. For the first time, adults in China now spend significantly more time with digital media than with traditional media.  The average citizen spends 3 hours and 54 minutes w...
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COVID-19 Relief

Questions about product discounts and support programs during COVID-19?