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CTA Offers Smart Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

In today’s highly digital and data-driven environment, smart manufacturing requires a robust and reliable network infrastructure. Employees all along the supply chain need to be able to track orders, inventory, and deliveries—in addition to monitoring and managing production equipment. A minor ne...

China Telecom: Boosting Data in Southeast Asia with a Subsea Cable Investment

China Telecom is committed to connecting customers around the world by providing reliable, high-speed internet and data connectivity. That’s why CTA’s affiliate has joined a consortium of Southeast Asian telecommunications providers to jointly invest USD $300M into a new subsea cable system. Aptl...

The Future of Global Connectivity with Stephanie Condrell, Head of Carrier Wholesale and Service Provider Partnerships at China Telecom Americas

Telecommunications technology and the global internet has already seen several waves of change in the 21st century. The question on everyone’s minds now is: What’s next? We spoke with Stephanie Condrell, Head of Carrier Wholesale and Service Provider Partnerships, of China Telecom Americas (CTA) ...

What You Need to Know about the Chinese Data Center Market

The ubiquity of new technology, from smart phones to 3D-printers, is a sign that the fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. Feeling the impact of this technological shift, China is striving to advance Industry 4.0 through its investment in an expanded network of data centers—the global currency...

IoT in China: Four Need-to-Know Trends

The Internet of Things (IoT) has created a sea change in the way companies operate—particularly in the realm of manufacturing. Around the world, businesses are using IoT to make higher-quality products at lower cost and more sustainably. And in the consumer world, smart devices have dramatically ...

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