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Enterprises are embracing digital transformation and are demanding a shift to SD-WAN technologies. These technologies promise greater flexibility and agility is driven by the proliferation of cloud based applications and IoT connected devices.

China Telecom Americas (CTA) provides best in class Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions overlayed on China Telecom’s (CT) private networks. These solutions offer advanced WAN management controls, such as automatically allocating bandwidth according to current demand. Additionally, we provide automated failover to 4G or 5G back-ups and security functionality with encryption, tunneling, and additional firewall layering.

Benefits of SD-WAN

China Telecom Americas’ SD-WAN solution suite overlayed on China Telecom’s (CT) private networks. CTA’s SD-WAN solution suite gives network teams more visibility, flexibility and management control. Additionally, it offers enhanced automation and the agility needed by distributed IT environments.

Global Connectivity Agility

Deploy cloud or on-prem connectivity worldwide seamlessly with unmatched agility and scalability. Easily deploy connectivity between sites, offices, data centers and cloud providers inside and outside of China.

Hybrid Architecture Flexibility

CT’s backbone integrates seamlessly with leading SD-WAN providers like Cisco, Versa, and Silver Peak, enabling hybrid architectures for streamlined network management and enhanced performance.

Simplified Operations and Enhanced Application Delivery

Experience reduced operational complexity and centralized control with SD-WAN’s application-aware technology, ensuring seamless application delivery.

Robust Security Protection

Trust in comprehensive security capabilities covering a full range of functions including NGFW, UTM, IDS, IPS, and more, ensuring robust protection for your network and data.

Cost-Efficient Integration

Benefit from industry-leading cloud network integration, enabling on-demand service provisioning, dynamic resource management, and agile delivery, ensuring maximum cost efficiency without sacrificing network quality or reliability.

Optimized User Experience Across Networks

Enhance user experience regardless of the network environment by leveraging SD-WAN’s support for multiple modes and protocols, ensuring optimized performance for all users.


Features of SD-WAN

Improved Agility for WAN Managers

Improved Agility for WAN Managers

• Network programmability and automation simplifies connectivity.

• Lite touch provisioning, full Hybrid WAN solution integrating MPLS with SD-WAN to reduce WAN complexity and maintenance.

• Decreases CAPEX and OPEX costs, management, and administrative burden.

Intelligently Manage and Optimize Traffic

Intelligently Manage and Optimize Traffic

• WAN optimization and acceleration that adapt in real-time to bandwidth demands and network conditions.

• Load balancing and auto-failover for MPLS, Ethernet, DIA, 5G and 4G connectivity options.

• Leverage dynamic policy-based routing (PbR) and path selection for optimal application performance in China.

Strengthen Security at the Edge

Strengthen SD-WAN Security at the Edge

• Connect global branch data centers and cloud applications inside and outside of China with greater speed and flexibility.

• Centralized control regardless of the underlying transport technology or application architecture.

Use Cases

Global Freight Transportation Company SD-WAN

A leading global air and ocean freight transportation company was looking to further enhance their network capabilities in China. They believed that MPLS VPN solutions were out of their budget, which limited their network performance and competitiveness. With China Telecom Americas SD-WAN, they were able to realize better network performance at a lower cost for their China sites and users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of SD-WAN solutions does China Telecom Americas offer?

China Telecom Americas offers self-managed solutions through various leading SD-WAN brands. We manage the underlay network and have developed integrations to offer hybrid SD-WAN branch and MPLS core architectures. This increases network management agility inside China and also improves cross border China WAN links.

What are the most popular use cases for China Telecom Americas SD-WAN solutions?

China Telecom Americas SD-WAN solutions cater to diverse use cases, including:

Hybrid WAN: Most enterprises choose a hybrid WAN model. This allows them to easily connect branch offices and mobile users. The most available and best path is steered through an MPLS / IP VPN network or authorized IPSec tunnels. These tunnels can be set up with Versa, Viptela, or Silver-Peak SD-WAN technologies.

Dynamic DIY or Managed SD-Branch: Operators can choose dynamic DIY or managed SD-Branch. If they opt for dynamic DIY, they must provision and manage business policies and devices themselves. If they elect managed SD-Branch, we will handle installation and ongoing support.

Seamless Direct-to-Cloud Connections: Transform traditional hub-and-spoke architectures to a secure, direct-to-cloud WAN architecture. This avoids the delay and added costs of backhauling traffic over MPLS to a firewall in the data center.

Intelligent Internet Acceleration: China Telecom Americas affiliate SDN network fabric enables customers to adjust remote sites and optimize traffic flows across their WAN.

Remote Access: Fast Access Soft Terminal (FAST) is a one-of-a kind enterprise-grade remote access tool with high security, stability, and flexibility globally.

What is the solution design/architecture of China Telecom Americas SD-WAN?

At China Telecom Americas, we prioritize network programmability and automation to simplify network operations in China. To support digital transformation in the network, China Telecom’s Tier-1 global backbone integrates with SD-WAN partners across 26 internet exchange sites (IXPs). CTA’s cloud-connected, SD-WAN enabled network backbone provides premium Quality of Experience (QoE) and centralized control supporting any underlying transport technology or application architecture.

Does China Telecom Americas offer Cisco SD-WAN Solutions?

Yes, China Telecom Americas supports Cisco Viptela, Cisco Meraki SD-WAN solutions worldwide, and for multi-national companies with cross-border requirements in China.

In addition to SD-WAN, does China Telecom Americas offer SASE solutions for China?

Yes, China Telecom Americas supports various SASE providers such as Fortinet and Palo Alto as well as various bring-your-own, whitebox x86 uCPE virtual network functions for companies with users, offices, data centers and applications in China.

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