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EG-Connect SD-WAN (eSurfing Global Connect) and facilitated by China Telecom Americas (CTA), is a cutting-edge SD-WAN overlay product engineered through international collaboration and integration of top-notch R&D capabilities. As a joint effort between renowned global entities, EG-Connect redefines networking paradigms with its unparalleled features and benefits.


Global Reach, Local Intelligence

With over 300 POPs worldwide, EG-Connect ensures comprehensive coverage without any blind spots. Wherever your sites are located, intelligent and nearby access is assured.

Reliability Redefined

EG-Connect boasts redundant access links and multi-link load balancing strategies, elevating access reliability to unprecedented levels. Experience dual redundant transmission technology for ultra-high-reliability services.

Uncompromising Security

Built upon independent software and employing end-to-end encryption, EG-Connect prioritizes data security. It safeguards against identity authentication, data integrity breaches, and ensures compliance with stringent security standards.

Flexibility at Its Core

Tailored to meet diverse network topology requirements, EG-Connect supports multiple interconnect options, including Full-Mesh, Spoke-Hub Star, Point-to-Point, and more. From mobile offices to global enterprises, adaptability is inherent in its design.

Simplified Management

EG-Connect simplifies network management with intuitive dashboard visualization, providing real-time insights into site and network status. Design business flows according to user habits, enhancing operational efficiency and user experience.

Comprehensive Support Ecosystem

From solution design and quotation to implementation and post-sales support, EG-Connect offers end-to-end assistance. Benefit from dedicated customer support, professional service teams, and continuous improvement initiatives to ensure unparalleled service quality.


Enterprise Networking

Empower your enterprise with optimized and secure networking solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Optimized Access

Experience efficient access to resources with WAN optimization and intelligent routing technologies.

Cloud Access

Seamlessly connect to cloud services with dedicated cloud access termination points.

Remote Access

Facilitate secure remote access for employees with end-to-end encryption and multi-path protection.

MPLS Hybrid

Leverage MPLS-based hybrid networks for enhanced reliability and performance.

SASE Integration

Integrate Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) capabilities for comprehensive security and networking solutions.


What is EG-Connect by China Telecom Americas?

EG-Connect, or eSurfing Global Connect, is an SD-WAN overlay product formed through international collaboration, integrating the R&D capabilities of leading global partners. It revolutionizes networking solutions with its global reach, reliability, security, and flexibility.

How does EG-Connect ensure security?

EG-Connect employs independent software, end-to-end encryption, and cryptography technology to ensure data security. It utilizes private tunnel protocols to safeguard against unauthorized access and malicious threats.

What support services does EG-Connect offer?

EG-Connect provides comprehensive support services, including solution design, quotation, implementation, and post-sales support. Benefit from dedicated 24×7 customer support, professional service teams, and continuous service quality improvements.

What network topologies does EG-Connect support?

EG-Connect supports multiple network topologies, including Full-Mesh, Spoke-Hub Star, Point-to-Point, and hybrid cloud networks. It ensures adaptability to diverse enterprise networking requirements.

How does EG-Connect simplify network management?

EG-Connect simplifies network management with intuitive dashboard visualization and user-centric design. Gain real-time insights into site and network status, enhancing operational efficiency and user experience.

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