Bare Metal Cloud Service

High-performance computing power rental solution facilitated by China Telecom Americas*

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China Telecom has developed Bare Metal Cloud Service (BCS), a cutting-edge solution offering high-performance computing power on demand. Engineered in synergy with our bare metal management system and cloud management platform, BCS is designed for seamless deployment in private environments.

BCS empowers users to rapidly establish large-scale bare metal resources, providing unparalleled flexibility and scalability for diverse computing needs. Unlock the full potential of your infrastructure with our robust, high-performance solution tailored to drive efficiency and innovation.


Unmatched Computing Power

Tailored bare metal servers boasting cutting-edge CPU, GPU, and high-performance specifications catered to diverse business needs. Seamlessly compatible with domestic servers, ensuring optimal performance for your operations.


Harness the power of our bare metal cloud management platform, offering comprehensive visual management and monitoring throughout the entire life cycle of your bare metal infrastructure. Take charge of your resources with ease and precision.

Versatile Construction Options

Choose from two distinct construction modes – exclusive or shared – designed to align with your budget and organizational structure. Enjoy the freedom to tailor your infrastructure setup according to your unique requirements.

Resilient and Agile

Embrace agility with our cloud service model, eliminating the need for fixed asset investments. Scale your capacity effortlessly in response to evolving business demands, ensuring uninterrupted growth and adaptability.


Features of Bare Metal Cloud

Versatile Architecture Options

Versatile Architecture Options

• Choose from physical servers supporting both x86 and ARM architectures, tailoring configurations to meet your business needs, including general-purpose, computing, big-data, and GPU instances. View the tech specs here here.

Diverse Server Models

Diverse Server Models

• Explore a plethora of server model resources tailored to your specific business needs. Whether it’s raw computational power or specialized capabilities, we’ve got you covered with the perfect fit for your operations.

Streamlined Automation

Streamlined Automation

• Empower your operations with our intuitive graphical management console, enabling seamless automation of high-performance hardware servers. From server provisioning to OS installation, streamline your workflows with automated efficiency.

Multi-Tenant Management

Multi-Tenant Management

• Experience seamless multi-tenant service management with our dedicated platform, engineered to support the unique needs of bare metal instances across multiple tenants. Enjoy robust service-oriented management capabilities, tailored to maximize efficiency and resource utilization.

Unlocking the Power of Bare Metal Cloud

Learn how Fortune 500 companies are leveraging BCS to unlock unparalleled computing power, accelerate real-time analysis, and revolutionize industry standards. Dive into real-world case studies and discover how BCS is reshaping the future of network engineering.

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*Where is China Telecom’s bare metal cloud located?

Our bare metal cloud infrastructure is located in data centers across China and the APAC region ensuring low-latency access and optimal performance for users worldwide. Bare Metal Cloud Service (BCS) is available in the China and APAC region, not in the US.

What is bare metal cloud services?

Bare metal cloud services provide high-performance computing resources without the virtualization layer typically found in traditional cloud environments. This allows for direct access to physical hardware, offering enhanced performance and flexibility for demanding workloads.

Describe the product of bare metal offered by China Telecom Americas.

Bare metal cloud comprises robust, dedicated server hardware optimized for high-performance computing tasks. These servers are available in various configurations, including CPU, GPU, and storage options, providing the flexibility to meet diverse business requirements.

What are my configuration options for bare metal cloud with China Telecom Americas, and where can I find technical specs?

Users have the flexibility to customize their bare metal configurations based on their specific needs (BCS is not available in the US). For detailed technical specifications and configuration options, please refer to our PDF of technical specs.



How easy is it to deploy bare metal with China Telecom Americas, and what are the steps?

Deploying bare metal cloud with China Telecom Americas is streamlined and efficient. Simply follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Select your desired configuration options based on your computing requirements.
    • Step 2: Submit your request to our customer support team for assistance.
    • Step 3: Our deployment specialists will provision your bare metal resources swiftly, ensuring rapid access to your dedicated hardware.
    • Step 4: Begin utilizing your bare metal servers for your applications, data processing, and other computing tasks with confidence in their performance and reliability.

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