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Carrier-grade access to one of China’s largest IP subscriber networks.

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ChinaNet (AS 4134) or “163 net” was the first public internet launched in China in 1995.  Today, ChinaNet that has grown to  support 57% of broadband access market in mainland China.  Through CTA’s  ChinaNet paid-peer service, global network operators can interact more conveniently with one-hop access to +520 million Chinese Internet users (including broadband and mobile Internet). ChinaNet (AS 4134) can be reached from 23 global Points-of-Presence (PoPs) in 14 cities outside of China, and has +500 transmission nodes and 83,000 km of fiber connecting all 23 provinces of mainland China. In 2009, China Telecom completed 40G DWDM system upgrades to ChinaNet.



ChinaNet Global Coverage

Get one-hop access to ChinaNet (AS 4134) from 14 metros and 23 ChinaNet PoPs around the world.

Capacity Rich Network

100GE-interface available, CT prefixes announced to the customer, IPv6 ready backbone, BGP requires special approval.

Extensive Peering Partners

ChinaNet (AS 4134) interconnects to most of the world’s top carriers and ISPs and all of China’s top carriers

Flexible Billing

Fixed rate, burstable, aggregate burstable billing options available, service class is best-effort with unlimited number of routes


Features of ChinaNet Peering

Network Reliability and Customized Routing

Network Reliability and Customized Routing

• Highly redundant and resilient network architecture built to the Tier 1 carrier standard

• Choose from global or regional-specific routing to meet custom needs with BGP-4 full routes or regional specific routes.  BGP requires special approval.

More Content for the Most People

More Content for the Most People

• Get single hop access to CT’s 180 million wireline broadband subscribers and more than 390 million mobile internet subscribers

• Be connected to more than 3 million Chinese websites linking approximately 65% of all Chinese Internet domain names and making up over 70% of nationwide Chinese Internet resources

Carrier-Class Security and Dependable Support

Carrier-Class Security and Dependable Support

• Fast, efficient Anti-DDoS defense strategy safeguards network security

• 24/7 proactive network performance monitoring, management and troubleshooting

• Multilingual management portal features near real-time traffic monitoring and network performance reporting

Use Cases

Industry Solutions Serving Key Verticals with Global Expertise

Stay one step ahead of the competition with China Telecom Americas’ networking and connectivity solutions designed for the unique needs of key industry sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know the Chinese market is an important one for our business expansion plans. How can ChinaNet peering solution help us do that?

We have deep knowledge of the Chinese business market and years of experience deploying Internet access operations and reliable network connectivity in China and around the world. We can work hand-in-hand with you to put together a solution to give you the best access to the right resources in this important major business market.

Why should I choose China Telecom Americas for peering with ChinaNet?

As the world’s largest fixed-line operator and broadband service provider, we can provide the fastest access to China’s vast Internet resources and a reliable, high-speed network to make and maintain those critical digital connections.

Is your ChinaNet peering service an affordable solution for my company?

We offer flexible billing options, including fixed rates and burstable billing options, designed to help you select the configuration that best meets your specific needs.

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