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Access one of China’s largest subscriber networks with carrier-class connectivity.

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ChinaNet (AS 4134) – or “163 net” – is not only China’s national Internet backbone, it’s also widely considered an important part of the global Internet. ChinaNet boasts the most subscribers, greatest number of websites, widest coverage, and richest infrastructure resources of any public Internet network in China. For enterprises looking for the most robust experience on ChinaNet, we offer multiple access options with optimal on-net routing (from unlimited routes) and direct access to backbone IP resources.

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Carrier-grade IP Access

Carrier access to ChinaNet internet resources in Mainland China for local and regional ISPs and CSPs

On-net Reliability, Customer Service

Built around China Telecom fully redundant network backbone

Flexible Access Types

Symmetric Bandwidth; Dedicated Access; Core Layer Access; Non-Transit and China-Transit On-Demand

Scalable IP Resources

ISP’s Routes peer with CT ChinaNet (AS 4134)  in Mainland China on best-effort terms; Prefixes announced to the customer are CN prefixes with Fixed Rate, Burstable, Aggregate Burstable management options

Always-on Customer Service, Portal Management

ChinaNet Access is actively managed 24/7 with network usage and service level reporting, looking glass portal available


Features of ChinaNet Access

Direct Access to a Surging Marketplace

Direct Access to a Surging Marketplace

• ChinaNet Access gives enterprises, content delivery providers and OTT customers direct access to more than 520 million Chinese Internet subscribers (including broadband and mobile)

• ChinaNet is critical in facilitating communications between Western and Chinese subscribers, public and private sector companies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, educational institutions, government agencies and more

• Through ChinaNet, China Telecom owns a majority of Chinese Internet resources and maintains top share of the Chinese broadband subscriber market

Robust, Reliable Connections

Robust, Reliable Connections

• Our fully meshed and redundant network infrastructure delivers unrivaled on-net performance

• Multiple access options, speeds and classes of service available to meet your specific needs

• Private or public peering via partnerships with over 100 carriers and interconnection bandwidth reaching 160 Gbps with other Chinese carriers help you connect with confidence

Simple, Scalable

Simple, Scalable

• ChinaNet Access offers a wide range of port speeds, features, and billing options to suit your needs

• Your single POC for all your services, managing your ChinaNet access is easy

• As your IP needs grow, our high-capacity, adaptive network lets you easily add bandwidth to quickly increase performance



• Multiple 24×7 Network Operations Centers (NOCs) offering bilingual service to ensure uptime and performance

Use Cases

Industry Solutions Serving Key Verticals with Global Expertise

Stay one step ahead of the competition with China Telecom Americas’ networking and connectivity solutions designed for the unique needs of key industry sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use China Telecom Americas to access the Chinese market instead of one of your competitors?

Through ChinaNet, China Telecom owns a majority of all Chinese Internet resources and maintains top share of the Chinese broadband subscriber market. As an affiliate, CTA can give you the best access to this huge marketplace with account representation in the US, Canada, Brazil and of course China.

Is procurement for IP Transit service widely available in China?

We possess in-depth knowledge of China’s business landscape, have many carrier agreements with multinational customers who rely on us for this service.  All this, plus our ownership of ChinaNet, puts us in the best position to give you direct access to internet subscribers of one of the best IP networks in the China market.

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