Global Wavelength

High-capacity, guaranteed bandwidth for customers with serious data transmission demands.

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To get the most from the growing array of bandwidth-intensive applications they’re deploying, global enterprises can leverage China Telecom Americas wavelength services using high-capacity Optical Transport Network (OTN) Technology over Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Technology (DWDM) infrastructure to increase data transmission performance, flexibility and efficiency without the high costs associated with new equipment acquisition.

Global Wavelength


Flexible Solutions

Range of interface types and bandwidth options up to 100Gbps help streamline CAPEX and OPEX costs, provide extensive route diversity to bypass congested metros, and enable the ability to use different traffic types i.e. Ethernet, storage, and digital video, as well as SONET/SDH

Comprehensive Coverage

We offer metro wavelength, domestic wavelength and international wavelength services from key global internet peering exchanges and data centers in more than 30 countries worldwide, connecting all major cities in Mainland China (Coverage not available in US)


Optical switch technology ensures high OTN network efficiency, reliable data transmission service with protected and unprotected route options and 99%+ SLA-backed availability

Fastest Route

Our global wavelength route is one the fastest routes available, with exceptionally low-latency connectivity and more than 10Gbps of capacity

Exceptional Emergency Recovery

Adaptive OTN and highly competitive SLA pledge security; Wavelength rental for emergency recovery during catastrophic events


Features of Wavelength Services

Range of Data Packages

Range of Data Packages

• High-bandwidth data transmission rates in 10Gbps, 40Gbps, or 100Gbps packages. Bandwidth rates below 10Gbps supported with our multi-service OTN platform. Support for many standard physical user interfaces (OTU2, STM-64, 10GE LAN, 10GE WAN OUT, 100GE)

• Using Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Technology (DWDM), multiple high-bandwidth channels can be transmitted in a single strand of fiber

• Wavelength services have protected and unprotected options

Powerful & Agile

Powerful & Agile

• Cross-scheduling capabilities allow China Telecom Americas to quickly respond to changing customer requirements, including rapid service order delivery and capacity changes

• Global Wavelength backbone of diverse submarine and terrestrial cables delivers more than 7T across the Pacific, Europe and Asia

• Average wavelength service provisioning is less than 45 days

Security & Rapid Recovery

Security & Rapid Recovery

• Protected Wavelength option provides customers with a redundant path so when there is a catastrophic event, the service is automatically re-routed

• CTA also provides robust emergency recovery capabilities to complement your business continuity and disaster recovery plans

• 50ms recovery time

Built for the Future

Built for the Future

• Global Wavelength is built to provide high-capacity data transmissions today, tomorrow and beyond, meeting the soaring bandwidth demands of data center interconnections and inter-cloud connections, as well as emerging content-rich technologies such as virtual reality (VR), IoT, social media applications, video streaming, gaming and more

Use Cases

Industry Solutions Serving Key Verticals with Global Expertise

Stay one step ahead of the competition with China Telecom Americas’ networking and connectivity solutions designed for the unique needs of key industry sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Global Wavelength?

The massive amounts of data transmitted today are driving unprecedented bandwidth demands on service provider and enterprise networks. Traditional data transmission technologies can’t handle the volumes of information that need to be moved quickly between locations. CTA’s Global Wavelength Services are designed to deliver high capacities of data over our ultra-low latency connections.

Aren’t wavelength services expensive?

CTA’s Global Wavelength Services are ideally suited for customers who require dedicated broadband transport connectivity without the capital and ongoing expenses associated with owning and operating network infrastructure. Our solution actually reduces upfront and long-term costs.

Are China Telecom Americas Global Wavelength Services the right choice for my organization?

CTA’s Global Wavelength Services are ideal for ISPs, carriers, hyperscale / web scale companies, and multinational enterprises with high data transmission requirements. Our wavelength services are also appropriate for applications such as data center interconnections and inter-cloud connections, business continuity and disaster recovery, Internet of Things (IoT) networks, multimedia high-resolution 4K and 8k video streaming, online education networks, fiber channel / storage networking, e-sports / gaming use-cases, as well as AI.

What are China Telecom Americas Future Plans for Optical Networking?

We are actively building out its “all-optical backbone network 2.0” plan which is currently the world’s largest in scale and coverage, with a total length of 220,000 km, 470 ROADM nodes, 5,039 lines of 100G and total capacity of 590Tbit/s. All areas of the network will gradually move towards openness, with more interface standardization, software and hardware decoupling, and hardware white box. China Telecom’s goal for the all-optical network is to reduce restoration time from the current time of a few minutes to ten seconds or less, and will take advantage of AI to increase network efficiency.

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