Disaster Recovery

Keep online and operational, even after a worst-case scenario with disaster recovery services from China Telecom Americas

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Disaster Recovery Services


When disaster strikes, China Telecom Americas leaps into action with rapid-response technologies to keep your data available. From enterprise-wide communications to mission-critical systems, you can’t afford to lose a minute. Our suite of disaster recovery forecasting, redundancy, and contingency planning services helps organizations minimize disruption and resume operations at speed.

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Benefits of disaster recovery services

With China Telecom Americas guiding you through a disaster recovery, returning to business-as-usual is swift, painless, and automatic. That’s an investment not only in assurance now, but also in relief later.

Peace of Mind Now

CTA’s comprehensive disaster recovery planning minimizes risks, enhancing your security posture and providing peace of mind.

Relief When Disaster Strikes

In times of crisis, China Telecom Americas services swiftly restore access to critical data, ensuring a secure, cost-effective recovery

Seamless Data Replication

Ensure that your critical data is continuously replicated and securely stored at our disaster recovery sites, guaranteeing minimal data loss during a disaster event.

Customized Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)

Tailor your disaster recovery plan to meet your specific business needs with customizable RTOs, ensuring that critical systems are back online as quickly as possible.

Compliance Readiness

China Telecom Americas disaster recovery solutions are designed to meet industry-specific compliance standards, helping you adhere to regulatory requirements and pass audits with ease.


Reduce the capital expenditure associated with maintaining secondary data centers while maintaining a cost-effective disaster recovery solution that aligns with your budget.


Features of Disaster Recovery Services

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

CTA’s team of disaster recovery specialists is available around-the-clock for incident response and recovery.

Planning & Documentation

Planning & Documentation

We think through every possible scenario and set in place a plan that works for your business needs.

Rigorous Testing

Rigorous Testing

Routine tests and simulations allow us to continually improve the resiliency of your disaster recovery plan.

Customizable Configurations

Customizable Configurations

We construct a disaster recovery plan based on the required frequency of data replication and your tolerance for downtime.

Dual Disaster Recovery Centers

Dual Disaster Recovery Centers

Two disaster recovery centers in Hong Kong and Singapore provide failsafe and rollover locations for your data.

Safety & Security First

Safety & Security First

Our disaster recovery centers are isolated, protected, and accessible to only credentialed and authorized personnel.

Use Cases

Financial Services Use Case

The core system of a leading financial firm was centrally deployed and was lacking a cohesive and thorough backup and disaster recovery plan.

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