CTA Kicks Off Dynamic 2024 at PTC

CTA Kicks Off Dynamic 2024 at PTC

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The annual Pacific Telecoms Conference (PTC) is a rite of passage into the new year for leading information communications service providers worldwide, and this year was no different. With 2023 firmly behind us and the new year well underway, China Telecom Americas met with key customers and prospects to celebrate the victories from the past year and discuss new ways in which it will serve as a bridge-builder connecting enterprises across the globe in 2024.

2023: A Year of Growth
Last year was a year of great growth across the China Telecom family of companies. CTA reached its revenue objectives for the year and saw tremendous growth in its mobile business in Canada. In Brazil, China Telecom do Brasil pivoted from an ISP provider to serving the enterprise market as a whole. Across the board, CTA has seen an influx of Chinese companies entering the Americas, which means the need for the services CTA provides has never been higher to help companies connect from China and other parts of Asia-Pacific into the Americas, and vice versa.

2024: Building Bridges
CTA is already among the leading one-stop-shop providers of communication and IT services for multinational enterprises, with one of the most robust global partner ecosystems. Moving into 2024, CTA will enhance its global connectivity offerings by strengthening its OTT services. The company plans to make investments to accelerate its cloud platform, CDN services and SD-WAN offerings.

The company also anticipates supporting enterprises with 5G and IoT solutions, replicating the successes China Telecom has had in China. China Telecom has successfully supported enterprises with such solutions, with over 600 million IoT devices connected today. Tremendous growth opportunities exist if companies fully leverage those capabilities.

“As part of our evolution, we’re going to be migrating into being a network integrator and systems integrator, really bringing in the subject matter expertise into the marketplace,” said Luis Fiallo, Vice President for China Telecom Americas.

Fiallo sees AI/ML shaping demand in 2024 and beyond. As AI/ML companies offer platforms as a service, enterprises will need a reliable network to employ the technologies, and CTA can connect enterprises to those networks across the globe.

Fiallo said growth in the data center and telecoms industry has been strong in recent years, but emerging trends and technologies will drive that growth even more. With its proven track record of serving the Americas for more than 20 years, CTA customers can trust that they’re working with a reliable partner to deliver the best connectivity solutions possible into this year and beyond.