Revolutionizing Connectivity: Azure Virtual WAN and Secure Hub - Your Gateway to China

Revolutionizing Connectivity: Azure Virtual WAN and Secure Hub – Your Gateway to China

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As a Microsoft Azure partner, we are thrilled to introduce a game-changing solution for enhancing your connectivity with China: Azure Virtual WAN and Secure Hub. This breakthrough in network architecture addresses common challenges faced by industries like automotive, manufacturing, logistics, and various institutes, including embassies.

The Challenge: Businesses frequently grapple with high latency, limited bandwidth, unstable connections, and excessive costs when connecting outside China, primarily due to the international gateway.

Azure’s Solution: Azure Virtual WAN offers a more efficient and stable connection to Microsoft Cloud Services, fully compliant with Chinese cybersecurity laws. This ensures a seamless and legal connection to your enterprise network.

Compliance and Collaboration: To adhere to Chinese cybersecurity laws, collaboration with an ICP (Internet Content Provider) licensed network and ISP is essential. Providers like China Telecom Americas and others play a pivotal role. They offer various network connectivity services like MPLS/IP-VPN* Network, SD-WAN, and Dedicated Internet Access.

Optimal Location for Interconnect: Surprisingly, Hong Kong, not Singapore, is the optimal location for interconnection due to its network fiber maps and proximity to China.

Two-Fold Solution Approach:

  1. Utilize Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute in Hong Kong, mainly for MPLS/IP-VPN* network users. China Telecom Americas is a key provider here.
  2. Leverage Dedicated Internet Access at Internet Exchange Points in Hong Kong like AMS-IX Hong Kong and HKIX.

Network Architecture in China: A compliant network within China integrates with the Microsoft Global Network in Hong Kong. This allows the use of Azure Virtual WAN Global Transit Architecture and additional services like the Azure secure Virtual WAN hub.

Hub-to-Hub Communication: This feature enables the connection of Chinese branches to Azure Cloud China and others via VPN or MPLS. For branches needing Global Services, connections directly to Hong Kong are established.

Security Considerations: Ensuring network security, especially for Microsoft 365 services, is crucial. This is achieved through a secure Internet breakout in Hong Kong, connecting to the Microsoft Edge Network. Azure Virtual WAN’s secured hub, managed via Azure Firewall Manager, plays a critical role in this aspect.

In conclusion, Azure’s Virtual WAN and Secure Hub are pivotal in resolving the connectivity and compliance challenges in China, providing a robust, secure, and compliant network architecture. As your partner, China Telecom Americas is committed to assisting you in leveraging these innovative solutions to enhance your business connectivity and efficiency.

*Services are not offered in the US