China Telecom Recognized in Gartner’s 2018 Critical Capabilities Report for Network Services in APAC

HERNDON, Va., April 11, 2018 China Telecom, a leading global communications service provider, today announces that it has been recognized among top Network Service Providers (NSPs) in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Asia/Pacific Network Services Report 2018 for its high-performing APAC network.

Multinational enterprises are frequently modernizing their regional WANs

Multinational enterprises are frequently modernizing their regional WANs by improving the performance of their cloud connectivity and enhancing the agility of their network.  This trend has led to an increased focus on designing hybrid WANs that use MPLS and internet services to support enterprise cloud adoption as well as offload traffic from MPLS to lower-cost internet services.  According to the Gartner report, more than half of all regional NSPs have the ability to support extended domestic connectivity in emerging markets, however their capabilities and experience vary drastically.

China Telecom provides customers with a wide range of integrated communications and information technology services, including an extensive global MPLS network with direct connectivity to 31 major markets via 87 Points of Presence (PoPs) and a cutting-edge SD-WAN solution.  In addition, the company boasts NFV nodes in 10 APAC countries and managed vCPE via Versa Networks in seven APAC cities and throughout China.  These services are delivered alongside advanced Ethernet over Layer 1 and Ethernet over MPLS solutions.  For multinational organizations in the banking and finance industry, China Telecom’s low-latency network connects 13 financial centers around the world with seven in APAC, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore.

“As APAC enterprises become increasingly interested in SD-WAN and managed SD-WAN services for the development of hybrid cloud solutions, it’s important to identify a provider that’s capable of meeting companies’ individual requirements,” explains Steven Tan, President, China Telecom Americas.  “We are honored to be listed among the top APAC Network Service Providers, as this is a testament to our dedication to providing customers with highly effective connectivity solutions.  We will continue to leverage our strong domestic network and local support capabilities to serve multinational corporations in the APAC region, and look forward to continuing the expansion of our global network.”

To download a copy of Gartner’s APAC Critical Capabilities for Network Services Report 2018, click here.

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China Telecom Americas is a wholly-owned US-based subsidiary of China Telecom Corporation, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated communications and information technology services to customers in over 110 countries around the globe. With headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, and offices in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, San Jose, Toronto and Sao Paolo, China Telecom Americas is advancing transpacific enterprise connectivity through a turnkey suite of locally-based, custom-built IT/network solutions from network architecture, managed cloud and data center services, security, content delivery (CDN), unified communications and mobility solutions.  Get more info at

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China Telecom Taps Versa Networks for SD-WAN Service

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Versa Networks, a leading provider of next-generation software-based networking and security solutions, today announced that it has been selected by China Telecom (CT) as its primary vendor for software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) and security (SD-Security) to serve its global customer base.

CT is deploying Versa’s multi-tenant SD-WAN and SD-Security solution in 15 cloud hubs globally

CT’s managed SD-WAN service is built on Versa’s comprehensive suite of virtualized network and security functions (VNFs), enabling a truly software-based managed SD-WAN service that provides customers greater business agility and cloud readiness through its application-level visibility, control and integrated set of security functions. CT is deploying Versa’s multi-tenant SD-WAN and SD-Security solution in 15 cloud hubs globally for distributed reach and centralized control. At its customers’ branch offices, CTG deploys Versa’s SD-WAN software on low-cost x86 appliances to provide integrated network and security with instant scalability – while helping to eliminate branch appliance sprawl.

“China Telecom serves an ever growing base of Chinese and other global corporations,” said Robert Zhu, Senior Director of Asia Pacific, Versa Networks. “As their customers realize the benefits that a cloud-native network architecture can offer in the way of increased business agility, cloud enablement and user experience, as well as cost savings, CT will be well-positioned to be the network provider of choice. Versa is very excited to partner with CT and enable their global customers to digitally transform their networks and overall business processes.”

To view the full press release, please visit Versa Networks

The Benefits of SD-WAN for a Globalized IT Economy

As enterprise WANs become more costly and complex, a growing number of organizations are turning to next-generation networks to keep their data lanes running at peak performance. Leading this charge is the software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), which decouples the WAN’s control plane from network traffic and makes it programmable.

Organizations of all types can take advantage of SD WANs’ automation capabilities by programming them to intelligently route traffic over a mix of terrestrial and wireless technologies – such as public internet, private MPLS and 4G LTE – based on the application. Key benefits include:

  • Easy configuration: Rather than working directly with routing protocols, the IT team simply needs to tell the SD-WAN application how to handle certain traffic.
  • Lower cost: Because an SD-WAN can dynamically adapt to changing network conditions, low-cost broadband options are more feasible.
  • Flexibility: An SD-WAN can be reconfigured much faster than a traditional WAN, making it highly adaptable to the needs of different businesses.

This simplified, cost-effective approach to WAN is catching on fast. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 30% of enterprises will have deployed SD-WAN technology, up from less than 1% in 2015.

Benefits of a Managed SD-WAN

With a centrally managed SD-WAN architecture, IT teams can build a better WAN from the outset. The ability to augment or replace MPLS connections with broadband internet services can lower WAN costs by up to 90 percent.

It can also dramatically lower operational expenditure by giving IT operators the ability to add new network locations to the WAN within hours rather than weeks. The EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution, for example, employs a “plug and play” deployment model that can automatically add new physical branches and cloud-based IaaS services into the WAN. IT teams can quickly effect configuration updates to all WAN appliances with a single click.

This type of SD-WAN also integrates routing, basic firewalling, 256-bit encryption and WAN optimization. As a result, internet-based WAN connections are both secure and reliable, and the need for expensive, latency-adding backhaul WAN connections is drastically reduced.

China Telecom partnership with Silver Peak

To help address the connectivity, performance and security requirements of its international clients, China Telecom recently announced a formal partnership with Silver Peak, a global leader in broadband and hybrid WAN solutions.

China Telecom chose Silver Peak’s EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution based on its complete, single-device architecture. This will allow China Telecom to serve multinational clients cost-effectively while meeting their unique application service level agreements (SLAs). It provides seamless integration with China Telecom’s NetCare monitoring and management platform, and customers can also opt into Silver Peak’s Unity Boost performance pack, which accelerates latency-sensitive applications and reduces data duplication across the network.

Silver Peak pivoted to SD-WAN as its flagship offering in mid-2015, and now has more than 300 clients for its Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution. Although not typically viewed as a full replacement for WAN routers, Silver Peak can provide that capability.

With a shared vision of SD-WAN replacing traditional WAN in the future, China Telecom and Silver Peak aim to bring secure managed services to enterprises and organizations across North America and APAC.

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China Telecom, Silver Peak to Provide Global Managed SD-WAN

China Telecom has partnered with Silver Peak to provide tiered managed SD-WAN services to multinational enterprise customers.

The managed SD-WAN solution, based on Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect and Unity Boost, will be delivered to China Telecom’s multinational customers based in the PRC looking to expand network services within the region and globally. The managed SD-WAN technology provides security services; SaaS optimization; cloud application performance, visibility and control; secure WAN connectivity; SLA-based performance for on premise and cloud-hosted applications; and tiered WAN optimization services with Silver Peak’s Unity Boost.

By partnering with the industry leader Silver Peak, we can accelerate growth

“By partnering with the industry leader Silver Peak, we can accelerate growth and expand our customer base by offering cost-effective global WAN connectivity to our existing Chinese multinational clients and attract new multinational clients that seek low-cost WAN connectivity across their sites in China,” said Cao Zheng, manager of network management expert business department at China Telecom Shanghai Ideal Information Industry Group, in the release.

Tiered services are the next generation of managed SD-WAN services

Tiered managed SD-WAN services enable operators to deliver additional services in an automated way and derive incremental revenue from acceleration for SaaS services, WAN optimization as a service, analytics and security services, said Shayne Stubbs, vice president of service provider and cloud for Silver Peak, in an interview with Light Reading. Tiered services are the next generation of managed SD-WAN services, added Nav Chander, senior director of service provider marketing for Silver Peak.

“Tiered services — we think that’s the next evolution of managed SD-WAN services … not all services are needed for all applications and customers are different sizes and how far they reach may not require the same level of service, and we have that flexibility to take any of those applications and package them,” said Chander. “For example, analytics as a service is one of those areas where service providers are trying to figure out how can they monetize and make money from that — that’s a new source of potential revenue on top of SD-WAN — that’s another value-add, higher-margin service.”

The Silver Peak Unity Orchestrator and Unity EdgeConnect are also integrated with China Telecom’s NetCare unified customer network monitoring and management platform.

“NetCare is for their largest global accounts — they probably represent 80% of global revenue,” said Stubbs.”We’ve been integrated with NetCare completely at an API level for fully automated service delivery for over nine months.”

In addition to China Telecom, Silver Peak has dozens of service provider partners delivering their managed SD-WAN services including NTT Communications, Hyundai HCN in South Korea, Masergy Communications, TeliaSonera Finland and Interoute Communications Ltd. Silver Peak also has 450 new production customers for Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution, which are enterprise customers from direct end channels.

“Silver Peak and China Telecom’s partnership has come at an opportune time as the APAC market is just beginning to embrace SD-WAN,” said Roopa Honnachari, industry director of Business Communication Services & Cloud Computing Services – ICT for Frost & Sullivan , in an email to Light Reading. “The SD-WAN market has emerged out of the early adopter stage and is gaining traction, globally. Managed SD-WAN, in particular, is of immense value to enterprises as the service provider takes on the tasks of procuring, deploying and managing the hybrid network and edge devices, and ensuring application performance. In a recent Frost & Sullivan SD-WAN survey, nearly 50% of the respondents stated they would prefer to buy SD-WAN from their current network service provider or a managed service provider.”

China Telecom is also partnering with Wetcon-Comstor, a global distributor for Silver Peak, which acts as a service delivery vehicle with on the ground presence in China to assist China Telecom with fulfillment and integration of the underlying Silver Peak EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution.