CTA Shines at ITW 2024

CTA Shines at ITW 2024

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The CTA team is fresh off of one of the largest events of the year, International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2024 that took place in National Harbor, Maryland. Every year, the top-level industry event brings together digital infrastructure experts from all over the world. This year, ITW had nearly 7,000 major players from more than 190 countries in attendance. From participating on a panel to being interviewed by JSA TV and networking with attendees at the CTA coffee stand, we enjoyed all aspects of this dynamic event.

CTA Talks IoT

Luis Fiallo, Vice President of China Telecom America, offered his expertise on the panel discussion, What’s Your Massive IoT Strategy? He shared invaluable insight into establishing a solid IoT strategy and various IT solutions while sharing the stage with Jennifer Holmes, CCO of LINX, and Mikael Schachne, CRO Enterprise of BICS. Luis and the other panelists provided audience members with an in-depth, powerful discussion surrounding these IoT topics:

  • How peering is being improved through IPX services
  • Best-practice approaches to IoT business models
  • How enterprises integrating IoT solutions are overcoming challenges

Lights, Camera, Action

A must-do item for Luis during ITW was sitting down with Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, CEO and Founder of JSA, for a live interview on JSA TV. Luis was joined by Ming Wei, Director of Solutions at CTA. During their interview, they explained CTA’s role in advancing IoT device technology in various industries and markets, as well as sharing news about award recognition for its parent company, and what we can expect to see from CTA this year.

Watch the full video interview here.

Refueled and Recharged

ITW attendees had the opportunity to refuel and learn about the future of telecom at the CTA coffee station. Luis and the entire CTA team were eager to engage and field questions on everything from IT services for multinational enterprises to their 5G and IoT solutions.

Overall, our entire CTA team enjoyed the opportunity to gather with fellow industry leaders to talk about working together to enhance and improve the telecom ecosystem. Year after year, we enjoy seeing old friends, as well as welcoming the new companies entering the market, bringing an air of creativity and innovation that will benefit all of our customers. We look forward to attending again next year! In the meantime, connect with us on LinkedIn to keep up to date with CTA happenings and other events our team will be attending.