Podcast Alert: CTA’s Luis Fiallo Featured on Executives at the Edge

Podcast Alert: CTA’s Luis Fiallo Featured on Executives at the Edge

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From changing international regulations to global IT trends and cybersecurity practices, a new podcast featuring Luis Fiallo, Vice President of China Telecom Americas, delves into important topics trending in our industry. The MEF Executives at the Edge podcast, titled Transforming Telecom: New Technologies and Global Regulations, is available now. It examines the role of telecom providers in a shifting global landscape.

Host and MEF co-founder Pascal Menezes and Fiallo talk about the telecom industry’s response to changing connectivity demands and the effects advanced technologies will continue to have on enterprises and IT providers. Check out the podcast to learn more about how these trends are transforming the industry. Keep reading for summary points on the key topics.

Differing Local Policies

Various government agencies worldwide are discussing digital transformation and how to regulate it, however, not all governments agree on how to do things like deploy infrastructure or manage data privacy. Fiallo talked about the opportunities that exist to create a stronger, more unified internet in the long term, while helping clients navigate regional differences that exist today.

From Brazil to China

With Brazil being one of the top economies in Latin America, more Chinese enterprises are vying for position in the popular market. China Telecom do Brasil, the Brazilian subsidiary of China Telecom Americas, was launched as a transit provider in 2015 to usher Chinese businesses into the country. Demand has remained steady and has now started to go the other way with Brazilian enterprises reaching into China and other parts of Asia-Pacific. Fiallo talked about the trends driving demands, as well as the similarities between enterprises’ needs worldwide. Hint: cloud is a big common denominator!

Protecting User Data

As the world becomes more digitized, IT leaders are scrutinizing how to keep networks secure and protect user data. Fiallo gives examples of using network splicing and IoT to keep data secure. He also detailed the steps China Telecom Americas has taken to ensure its networks are compliant with Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS), a global initiative that helps reduce routing threats.

Check out the full episode here!