Our Partners Include:

Global Cloud-Connection

China Telecom operates a 20+ node cloud exchange network to manage traffic across secure, direct connections to CT’s eCloud, AWS, Azure and Alicloud availability zones inside and outside of China.


Speed & Agility

Turn up sites in less than 48 hours in China and adapt in real time to bandwidth demands and network conditions to provide end-users with premium access to public cloud services and SaaS applications.



Manage security polices and device updates easier with SD-WAN. Leverage China Telecom’s IPSec services to shield data with 256-bit AES traffic encryption across the public internet. Get proactive real-time monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance services.

“When deciding to move to a SD-WAN architecture to connect our branch office in Shanghai with our HQ in Chicago, we knew we needed a trusted, reliable local service provider in China with global customer support. After reviewing a number of providers, it was clear China Telecom Americas had the partnerships, local expertise and support capability to rapidly deliver a whitebox SD-WAN solution to meet our business demands while lowering our IT costs.”


– Michael Mierwinski, CIO, Mid-America Overseas, Inc.