Case Studies

Retail Use Cases for China

In the ever-evolving world of retail, innovation and seamless connectivity are paramount for success. China Telecom Americas dedicated retail use cases are designed to provide you with valuable insights and real-world examples of how we support the retail sector with network connectivity and data solutions.

Discover Our Featured Use Cases:

  • End-to-End Cross Border MPLS: Learn how we bridged Beijing AWS and Shanghai DC with ECP + MPLS connectivity
  • Managed MPLS VPN, IPSec, CPE and DIA: Explore how streamlined the global supply chain for an international retail brand
  • Dual Diverse MPLS to VPLS Solution: Dive into the story of a retail enterprise that expanded its robust regional network for seamless operations using global account management
  • Seamless China-Overseas Zscaler Cloud: Learn how our technology enabled a seamless network connectivity and compliance providing valuable network management and decision making insights

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