Case Studies

Financial Services Use Cases for China

In the fast-paced world of financial services, staying at the forefront of innovation is key to maintaining a competitive edge. China Telecom Americas dedicated financial services use cases provide you with invaluable insights and real-world examples of how we support the financial sector through cutting-edge network and data solutions.

Discover Our Featured Financial Use Cases:

  • Multisite IDC Colocation, IPLC and Managed Services: Learn how China Telecom Americas provided scalable solutions for a leading financial information provider’s expansion in China
  • Anti-DDoS, Global Internet Access and IDC Colocation: Explore how we enabled a major financial player with Anti-DDoS Services which protected their platform from malicious attacks
  • 10MB IEPL Layer 2 Connection: Dive into the story of a financial enterprise who we provided a 10MB IEPL Layer 2 connection from their overseas HQ to AWS in Beijing
  • Dedicated MPLS Connection to AWS Beijing: Learn how we enabled a seamless solution for multi-site MPLS connectivity and AWS integration

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