Case Studies

Healthcare Use Cases for China

In the dynamic healthcare industry, the demand for innovation and robust connectivity has never been greater. China Telecom Americas dedicated healthcare use cases offer you valuable insights and real-world examples of how we support the healthcare sector with network connectivity and data solutions.

Discover Our Featured Use Cases:

  • 2MB End-to-End MPLS Solution: Learn how we collaborated with a leading healthcare organization to overcome data transmission challenges
  • Direct Connection with On-Prem Data Center and Beijing AWS Cloud: Explore how we enabled a healthcare institution to bolster direct connection to AWS for improved performance
  • MPLS Solution with dual links for enhanced reliability: Dive into the story of a healthcare enterprise that expanded regional hubs with scalable infrastructure, hybrid cloud integration, and reliable connectivity
  • MPLS Connectivity Between China and Azure in Hong Kong: Learn how our technology provided a seamless integration with MPLS VPN between China and Azure in Hong Kong

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