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China Telecom Americas and CRRC Sifang Americas sign ICT contract for $100m Chicago rail car plant

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HERNDON, Va., Dec. 21 2017— On December 18, 2017, China Telecom Americas and CRRC SiFang America held a contract signing ceremony in Chicago. Steven Tan, President of China Telecom Americas, Jian Huang, Chinese Enterprise Director of China Telecom Americas, Fuqiang Yu, Executive Vice President of CRRC SiFang America and Zheng Ma, Vice President of CRRC SiFang America, attended the event.

Group photo of ceremony attendees. Steven Tan (fourth from left), President of China Telecom Americas, and Fuqiang Yu (fourth from right), Executive Vice President of CRRC Sifang America, attended the event.

$100 million Chicago rail car assembly plant project

The signing ceremony involves an ICT infrastructure setup and maintenance project for CRRC SiFang America’s new $100 million Chicago rail car assembly plant, housed in a 380,944-square-foot manufacturing facility over 45 acres of land. The assembly plant is expected to produce 846 new rail cars for the Chicago Transit Authority and serves as part of CRRC’s plan to expand across overseas markets. This is the largest rail car project that a Chinese rail car equipment company has received to date – CRRC SiFang America’s Chicago plant will not only provide an economic boost to the city’s once booming steel industry, but also create hundreds of jobs for locals in the area.

China Telecom Americas, the first Chinese telecommunications company to enter the U.S. market, provides multinational enterprises with products and solutions ranging from network architecture, cloud and data center services to equipment management, security, content delivery and more. Based on its in-depth industry knowledge and advanced technology in cross border communications, the company has become one of the fastest-growing foreign companies in America.

China Telecom Americas has had experience providing IT maintenance and cloud storage services for CRRC SiFang Americas in the past. In this new project, China Telecom Americas will provide computer room and internal network construction, telephone and broadcasting systems, video conferencing and other integrated systems solutions for CRRC’s plant. Under the agreement between CRRC and China Telecom Americas, full implementation of ICT infrastructure is expected to reach completion by May 2018.