China Telecom and TTK complete terrestrial China to Europe 100G deployment

China Telecom and TransTeleCom (TTK) have completed one of the world’s first terrestrial high-bit-rate fiber routes connecting China and Europe.

100G cable connects data points across Asia to Frankfurt

The 100G cable connects data points across Asia to Frankfurt, Germany, with interconnected communications lines at Russian Zabaikalsk and Chinese Manchuria.

In order to complete deployment, the two companies developed a new gateway interface tat was built on the border between the countries.

The terrestrial cable will provide an alternative route to subsea cables that currently carry a significant amount of traffic from Asia to Europe, with Russia acting as the “optimal communication bridge” and the shortest path, according to TTK.

“It is important to have reliable high-rate terrestrial channel with low latency for our growing needs in data transmission between Europe and Asia,” shared Deng Xiao Feng, CEO of China Telecom Global.

TTK has one of the largest backbone networks in Russia

“TTK has one of the largest backbone networks in Russia and is trusted partner of China Telecom in Europe-Asia transit traffic market. The new route gives us an opportunity to offer highest-quality telecommunication services to our clients both inside and outside China.”

TTK claims to cover more than 20% of the total data transportation from China to Europe, with an extensive backbone network that runs along railroads.

This year the operator completed the changeover of all its international backbone traffic to Long Haul DWDM technology. The 20,000 km LH DWDM network offers up to 80 optical data transmission channels with 100G each for thousands of kilometers and signal latency of 153 ms.

“Setup of the first terrestrial route with such a bandwidth capacity between Europe and Asia is only beginning of our cooperation with China Telecom. We appreciate the fact that our company was selected as a partner in this large project that will have an important role in the light of growing demand from international clients.

“We have mapped out next steps with our partners from China Telecom for further development of digital services for our clients,” said Roman Kravtsov, president of TransTeleCom.

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China Telecom and Huawei Awarded “The Operator Award for MEC Development”

[Berlin, Germany, September 27, 2017] At the MEC Congress, the Smart Factory project of China Telecom (Ningbo) and Huawei for Zhenhai Refinery was awarded “The Operator Award for MEC Development”. It is the first award of MEC commercial use for a carrier and demonstrates leadership and excellent performance in terms of MEC industry construction, commercial practices, and technical innovation.

China Telecom (Ningbo) has been exploring with innovative collaboration in the MEC field

China Telecom (Ningbo) uses Huawei’s [email protected] solution to implement the “Industrial Manufacturing 2025” strategy. China Telecom (Ningbo) has been exploring with innovative collaboration in the MEC field to enable more vertical industries, meeting the requirement for optimal user experience in new services. The Smart Factory project for Zhenhai Refinery aims to promote IT development and meet real-time and high-bandwidth service requirements for video surveillance, mobile office, and on-site data collection and transmission.

Zeng Weimin, General Manager of China Telecom (Ningbo), said, “In the era of Internet of Everything, the development of new services, such as AI, will inevitably drive restructuring of traditional telecommunications networks. China Telecom (Ningbo) has been dedicated to edge computing exploration and practice and will work with Huawei to build the Smart Factory project into an example of MEC industry networks.”

MEC is an important part of the future 5G network technologies

MEC is an important part of the future 5G network technologies and a vital service support for the Internet of Everything. China, with fast Internet and information technology development, provides a sound foundation and first-mover advantages for commercial use of new products and technology platforms. In the future, China Telecom (Ningbo) will work with industry partners, including Huawei, to promote MEC industry development and bring more industry implementation and service innovation into realization.

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