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Elastic Connect Platform (ECP)

Elastic Connect Platform (ECP)
Global Software Defined Interconnection Platform for Multi-cloud Agility

China Telecom’s Elastic Connect Platform (ECP) is an global interconnection service for multi-cloud enterprises looking for secure and reliable cloud-to-cloud, and data center to cloud with dedicated layer 2 or layer 3 connectivity. ECP is a pre-provisioned service using CT’s global SDN based Data Center Interconnection (DCI) backbone network (AS 36678) along with APIs and integrations to leading cloud service providers (CSPs) inside and outside of Mainland China.

Key Features & Benefits

Rapid Provisioning
Leveraging cloud partner APIs and our SDN customers can quickly turn-up connectivity to cloud services between cloud nodes inside and outside of China.
Highly Secure
End-to-end encryption, dedicated connectivity for data transfer between data centers and private or public clouds offer a secure hybrid cloud environment.
Scale bandwidth from 2M to 10G as requirements change, and add VLANs as needed to accommodate new offices or application workloads.
Reduce CAPEX without additional hardware investments and lower OPEX with reliable performance, security and streamlined provisioning & pay-as-you-go monthly billing plans.
Self-Service Portal
Simple GUI allows customers to dynamically add CSPs and add or modify interconnect capacity on-demand.

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