Simplify your IT network operations with CT NetCare’s monitoring and maintenance services

Product Overview

NetCare is a unified customer network monitoring management platform that delivers end-to-end, real-time proactive monitoring and network troubleshooting. Designed to support and strengthen the management and maintenance capabilities of organizations’ IT departments at a reduced cost, the system increases usability for end users and enable organizations to better allocate internal resources.

Key Features & Benefits

China Telecom’s NetCare team proactively monitors your network, reducing fault detection and handling times to deliver better services.

  • Real-time monitoring of the network to detect faults and optimize service uptime and network performance
  • Real-time network performance status and fault handling processes
  • One point of contact for all monitoring, troubleshooting service and support requirements
  • In-depth reports for customer analysis
  • Equipment leasing options

Technical Details

  • Two Level of Service packages available to meet different levels of support required
  • 24×7 end-to-end WAN management service

COVID-19 Relief

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