Global Internet Access

Optimize your digital footprint in China using a high performance, diversified global backbone

Product Overview

China Telecom’s Global Internet Services offers enterprises access to ChinaNet (AS4134) and CN2 (4809) through a variety of bandwidth speeds and Internet access technologies. In addition, China Telecom offers your choice of service levels and dedicated connections from over 110 markets worldwide.

Key Features & Benefits

Gain premium connectivity to China and one stop access to global Internet resources.

  • Customized route options including Mainland China and globally
  • Custom Value-Added Services: IDC services, Managed CPE, IPSec, Anti DDoS protection
  • NetCare web portal for network monitoring and traffic management
  • Burstable billing options available
  • Built-in Firewall and Anti-DDoS protection
  • SLA backed Quality of Service (QoS) and five Classes of Service (CoS) enable prioritization of traffic for maximum performance and virtual routing.
  • 24×7 proactive network performance managing, monitoring and technical support

Technical Details

  • Bandwidth options are SDH (2M and above), Ethernet (1M – 10G)
  • Completely new IPv6-capable backbone built on Cisco and Juniper technology utilizing new softswitches, DiffServ and MPLS.
  • Multiple service options (MLPS / IP VPN, DIA, NGN Trunk, 3G Trunk, private leased line, etc.)
  • Multiple access speeds (T1/E1, DS3, OC-3, FE, and GigE).
  • Static routing or BGP-4 routing with AS4809
  • Dual-POPs in 161 cities and Dual-PEs installed in 148 Single-POP cities.
  • Network security ensured with AS-SET updates, DNS Registry and Anti-DDoS services.

COVID-19 Relief

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