Global Ethernet

Link your global customers with point-to-point or point-to-multipoint Ethernet connectivity

Product Overview

Support your customer’s international business requirements using the interoperability of Ethernet.  China Telecom Americas offers Global Ethernet services to give you the ability to quickly build a reliable private global communication network. Layer 2 Ethernet is simple to provision and operate and our Global Ethernet services can easily expand to include new company sites, vendors, suppliers, and extranet partners, providing scalability and granularity.

Key Features & Benefits

  • No protocol conversion required ensuring interoperability between LAN, MAN and WAN. There’s also a low cost of customer premises equipment with a standard Ethernet interface
  • WAN connectivity, including point-to-point, point to multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint services that extend your reach around the globe
  • Ethernet offers stable and low latency connectivity that can support time-sensitive applications including video and storage. We support our SLAs with 24/7 proactive monitoring for timely fault isolation and clearance
  • Rates range from 1Mbps to 1Gbps

Technical Details

  • VPLS/VLL: WAN protocol support by EVPL to allow any Layer 3 protocol, such as IPv4, IPv6, IPX, SNA.
  • IEPL: SONET/SDH technology provides long distance/transnational Ethernet Private Line service.

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