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Second Upgrade of the Trans Pacific Express (TPE) Cable Increases Capacity Between USA and China

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TPESecond Upgrade of the Trans Pacific Express (TPE) Cable Increases Capacity Between USA and China

HERNDON, Virginia – April 22, 2016 – China Telecom Americas is pleased to announce that the second upgrade of Trans Pacific Express (TPE) cable network initiated in 2014 has passed Provisional Network Acceptance (PNA) and is now ready for service. All parties engaged in the upgrade can put their relative capacity into commercial service beginning March 2016.

TPE has been widely recognized by global enterprises

The TPE cable is a submarine cable system which officially started its commercial service in 2008 with multiple landing stations located across Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and the United States. Designed to directly link both sides of the Pacific, the TPE has been widely recognized by global enterprises as the first choice for a low latency transmission route between China and the USA.

Beginning in 2014, the second upgrade in the TPE cable’s lifecycle introduced the most advanced 100 Gb/s DWDM technology, which significantly increased the capacity to 9.6 Tb/s in the trans-Pacific segment and to 17.2 Tb/s in the Intra-Asia segment. China Telecom assets include 10×100 Gb/s bandwidth across the trans-Pacific segment and 4×100 Gb/s bandwidth in intra-Asia segment according to the configuration of the latest upgrade.

With the added capacity of China-US bandwidth brought by the completion of the 2014 upgrade, the TPE cable network will effectively meet the rapidly surging demand for low latency Trans-Pacific network solutions for years to come, as well as satisfy demands across Intra-Asia and the China-Japan-US networks.

The following is a detailed distribution of China Telecom’s capacity:

Trans-Pacific Routes No. of 100G Waves

T1-T5 Qingdao-US 4
T2-T5 Korea-US 1
T3-T5 Taiwan-US 1
T4-T5 Chongming-US 4

Intra-Asia Routes No. of 100G Waves

T1-T2 Qingdao- Korea 1
T3-T4 Chongming – Taiwan 1
T1-T6 Qingdao -Japan 1
T4-T6 Chongming -Japan 1

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