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China Telecom’s 5G Tianyi Cloud Conference System Enabled International Coronavirus Conference

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On March 16, 2020, China Telecom announced that their 5G and Tianyi Cloud conferencing system enabled China’s National Health Commission’s recent international conference. Held locally in Beijing and online for remote from around the world, China hoped to use this conference to share their experiences in preventing and treating the worst symptoms of the Novel Coronavirus with other countries. The conference focused specifically on Coronavirus-related pneumonia and controlling the spread of the virus.

The Importance of China’s Information-Sharing Conference on Coronavirus

Also on March 16, the UN published a statement by a World Health Organization senior advisor. He said that China’s experience with his new disease can help serve as lessons for countries around the world. He mentioned that the epidemic has already slowed down in China.

Even though the Novel Coronavirus can spread rapidly, China demonstrated that it doesn’t necessarily have to grow so quickly that it will overwhelm health services. By sharing their own example of actions that worked well for them, China hopes to help the international community reduce virus cases and deal better with the cases that they do have.

About the Coronavirus Conference in Beijing

The International Sharing Conference occurred on March 12, 2020 in Beijing. China’s attendees included representatives from relevant international organizations and embassies. Representatives from various countries and the World Health Organization’s Pacific Region also participated. While some local participants attended the conference in person, the conference required multi-site video connections to allow others to attend by remote video, which is where China Telecom’s strong 5G network and Tianyi cloud conferencing proved vital.

Tari Desai, WHO’s Director-General, gave a video speech at the meeting. In addition, the director of the National Health Commission, Ma Xiowei, spoke about China’s epidemic prevention experience from the Hubei branch. Also, health commissions from Shanghai, Beijiing, Sichuan, and Guangdong provinces offered their own experiences with control and specific cases through a real-time, HD video connection, provided by China Telecom. On a very positive note, the World Health Organization said they believe that China has adopted the most flexible, proactive, and brave control and prevention measure in global history.

China Telecom’s Contribution to the Coronavirus Conference

Since it’s obvious that other country’s can benefit by China’s example and experience, it’s also important to note the large contribution that China Telecom made by providing their 5G connections and Tianyi cloud conferencing system. For example, they completed the conference site’s 5G coverage within only one day to ensure they had foolproof remote communication. According to conference reports, 90 percent of the people who participated in the conference relied upon access via this conferencing system.

During the conference, leaders from China’s National Health and Medical Commission tried out many features of the system, including video speeches and data uploads, and downloads. They praised the performance and stability of the network and publicly mentioned that they hoped that China Telecom could accelerate development of 5G networks all over Beijing to benefit the capital and the country.