Cloud Conferencing

High availability VCaaS solutions for reliable transpacific collaboration

Product Overview

In today’s globalized business environment, building solid relationships with customers, partners, suppliers, internal teams and investors is more important than ever. Our high-quality cloud conferencing platform enable you to collaborate as effectively as being there in person, helping you to build the engaging relationships needed for success.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Cost-effective packages for transpacific or global communciations
  • On-premise service model for fully customized voice and video conference solution
  • VCaaS service model for “Anytime, Anywhere” cloud conferencing services built on the latest cloud technology
  • Wide geographical coverage and with guaranteed quality on China Telecom’s global backbone network
  • Cloud platform allows an unlimited number of seats via toll-free service

Technical Details

  • VCassS supports fixed-line phone, mobile phone with native application, SIP Terminal or PC Terminal without configuration
  • Full integration with WeChat
  • Call security with meeting passcodes and call-lock functionality
  • Service coverage across 51 countries with outgoing conference call service in 77 countries
  • Local conference access codes available in more than 100 countries
  • Meeting recording and call log functionality
  • Customer support for set-up and post-sales service

COVID-19 Relief

Questions about product discounts and support programs during COVID-19?