Public Cloud Exchange

Create secure and high-performance connections to multiple clouds

Product Overview

China Telecom’s Cloud Exchange is a cloud access service that enables private connections to cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Softlayer. The company’s global network coverage enables customers to establish fast, reliable and secure multi-point network connections from their global offices, data centers or colocation environments, across a dedicated network of AWS/Azure gateway nodes in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, San Jose and Washington, DC.

Key Features & Benefits

Stay in the fast lane and scale flexibly with China Telecom’s Cloud Exchange service.

  • Ensure the safety of your critical data and apps with our secure private network ecosystem
  • Deliver mission-critical applications from the cloud with greater uptime
  • Minimize security threats with private connections to multiple public cloud service providers
  • Reliable, flexible, scalable and cost effective cloud connectivity between multiple locations inside China and internationally through one of CT’s Global Cloud Exchange nodes.
  • Simple billing and US-based MSAs
  • End-to-end network SLAs
  • 24×7 Global Customer Support

Technical Details

  • Encrypted backups and global geo-redundant data centers
  • Flexible bandwidth speeds from 10M to 10Gbps – only pay for what you use
  • Multiple access options from MPLS, Ethernet Private Line, Ethernet WAN and IP VPN
  • Supports redundant Layer 2 and Layer 3 connections
  • Create multiple virtual links from a single port
  • One solution supports multiple cloud connections (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer, Alicloud or CT Cloud)
  • China Telecom is a Microsoft ExpressRoute Direct Peering Partner

COVID-19 Relief

Questions about product discounts and support programs during COVID-19?