Managed CPE

Product Overview

Our low-cost Managed Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) solution is an excellent value-added feature that empowers you to focus on your business without worrying about the performance of your data connections by outsourcing router and equipment management to China Telecom Americas.

Our expert network engineers build and maintain your network so that you can spend time doing what you do best – growing your business. We provide customizable solutions per the unique requirements of each site fully optimizing our customer’s WAN architecture.

Running a successful enterprise network infrastructure requires more than simply selecting a good combination of technologies. To ensure long term maintainability and cost effectiveness in your network, you also need dependable management and administration – in particular, reliable oversight over the performance and operating efficiency of your network routers and switches.

China Telecom Americas engineers can design, build, and maintain your network with flexible, cost effective management solutions that don’t strain your budget or force you to sacrifice performance. Rather, we help you fully optimize your WAN architecture and get the most value out of your IT and network capital investments.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Turnkey circuit provisioning / CPE solution with centralized management and control
  • Increased flexibility, scalability without CAPEX
  • Seamless integration with Managed Security (NetCare)
  • Local IT equipment sourcing, leasing, maintenance and repair
  • Managed configuration changes, lock downs and updates
  • Onsite hardware maintenance, upgrades & optimization
  • Software configuration changes & updates
  • IT Infrastructure Design, Deployment & Systems Integration
  • Infrastructure Project Execution & Management
  • On-premises service availability across China and key metro areas in 72 countries
  • IT professionals can allocate their internal resources to other priorities
  • 24/7 certified multilingual customer service and dedicated project management teams

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