Mobile VPN

Carrier-grade Mobile VPN solution designed for multinational businesses

Product Overview

China Telecom’s Mobile VPN service is the ultimate cost-effective solution for remote and mobile business communication needs, offering the same security and reliability as digital private leased line circuits. Running over China Telecom’s carrier networks, and exclusively tailored for multinational enterprise users requiring direct cloud access, CT’s premium Mobile VPN services enable flexibility, security, high performance and availability.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Riding on China Telecom’s resource rich mobile VPN access nodes, backbone capacity, and high availability internet service, we provide customers with access solutions from offices, homes and mobile terminals to directly connect to business applications inside and outside of China.
  • For public cloud users we provide customers reliable and stable service gateway access solutions based on our capacity rich backbone network and public cloud interconnection infrastructure around the globe.
  • Establish secure connectivity between end-users,  home networks, office networks and the public cloud environments with point-to-point and multipoint access from the Mobile VPN side using redundant IPSec tunnels for multi-cloud access.

Technical Details

  • SSL VPN to SaaS – Powered by CT’s mobile VPN access points, CT’s SaaS VPN is deployed across worldwide backbone routes with interconnections to SaaS providers like Oracle, Office365 and Salesforce and compatible with all devices.
  • SSL VPN to MPLS VPN – Specifically designed for CT’s hybrid VPN users for faster and more stable access to customers’ intranet leveraging CT’s carrier-grade-supported account authentication.
  • SSL VPN to Public Cloud Service Providers – A fully-redundant, secure and high-speed interconnection service that allows users to access cloud service providers (CSPs) from their mobile devices. Powered by CT’s global backbone network and public cloud on-ramps, the solution provides direct link-access to most commonly-used enterprise platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud.

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