International Private Lines

Discover secure, reliable end-to-end IPLC solutions with operational flexibility

Product Overview

Secure, reliable end-to-end connections between sites in the USA and China via CT’s fully redundant, self-healing SDH fiber network gives your company the capacity and security necessary for effectively deploying mission-critical applications. With China Telecom’s IPLC solution you can focus on your growing business while we take care of the network infrastructure and provide the international support that you need.

Key Features & Benefits

China Telecom’s International Private Line Circuit (IPLC) solution offers over 300 PoPs for optimal cross-border connectivity.

  • Secure, reliable end-to-end connections in the US and China
  • Ideal for International internet access, business data, video conferencing and more
  • Single point of contact for service ordering, billing, customer service and operational support

Technical Details

  • Fully redundant, self-healing SDH fiber network
  • Wide range of circuit speeds, features and SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  • 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and management via CT’s two Network Operation Centers

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