Content Delivery (CDN)

Deliver premium online experiences with China’s most powerful CDN network

Product Overview

Today, transmission speed and reliability make the difference between a late arrival and a resounding marketplace success.  China Telecom Americas offers extensive worldwide tools your business needs to efficiently deliver your Internet-based content to geographically distributed end-points across China. From high volume video, music downloads and streaming content, to the low latency demands of software downloads and online gaming, China Telecom’s CDN network can ensure content delivery performance when you need it the most.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Enjoy the benefits of deploying your CDN network on dedicated cloud servers managed by China Telecom – the network leader in China.
  • Deliver your content to last mile networks without relying on third party transit providers and their own routing policies.
  • Combine competitive prices, rich features, exceptional performance, high quality, and ease of use to provide the flexible scalability necessary to ensure speedy, reliable online content delivery.
  • Receive the ideal mix of scalable data, international footprint, and advanced features necessary to make any content delivery plan a success.
  • Monitor your CDN activities via a web-based media portal, providing content analytics, real time usage reports, log file queries, and effectiveness and reach tracking.
  • Adaptive network optimization features ensure that your traffic is always delivered via the most efficient available path.

Technical Details

  • Content recognition and configuration technology automatically adapts your content to specific customer target devices and network configurations.
  • Secure origin, external file, and cloud-based storage options, fully optimized for your specific technical requirements. Customers can upload content via Aspera, FTP, SFTP, R-Sync, and SCP.
  • Data is securely stored and backed up using the latest in firewall and data retention technologies.
  • Support for streaming on demand, live broadcasts, and adaptive streaming media over HTTP (Windows Media, Adobe Flash, Adobe Zeri, Microsoft Smooth, Apple QuickTime).
  • Dynamic Content Packaging (DCP) of adaptive streaming media in HDS and HLS formats, as well as support of multi-level content protection security mechanisms (including DRM, AES-128 and PHDS).
  • Advanced geographic IP filtering, token authentication, and SSL encryption technologies.
  • Anti-DDOS protection

COVID-19 Relief

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