Whale Cloud and China Telecom Win the “Outstanding Customer Centricity Award” at the TM Forum Excellence Awards 2019

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Whale Cloud and China Telecom announced today they were chosen as a 2019 TM Forum Excellence Awards winner. They were honored with the Outstanding Customer Centricity Award for China Telecom new retail boutique transformation project. This award recognizes companies who have made a truly outstanding contribution to improving customer experience.

Awards were presented at the Excellence Awards gala dinner in Nice, France last night organized by TM Forum.

China Telecom new retail boutique transformation

China Telecom new retail boutique transformation is a collaborative project between China Telecom and Whale Cloud for telecom store transformation. The joint project aimed to provide customer with seamless and innovative service experience, and increase sales both online and offline through analytics-driven customer insights, innovative business models and customer services. AI technologies are applied to situations where a robot can offer customer services like recharging, invoice printing, and service inquiry. The technology improves the context of engagements for individuals and their friends. Furthermore, the new retail project not only focused on customer experience but also is an important milestone for telecom companies’ transformation towards a digital era.

“The winner provides seamless and innovative customer experience combining both online self-service and offline store, which significantly improves revenue,” said Sandra De Zoysa, Group Chief Customer Officer at TM Forum, who presented the award at the gala dinner. “Our sincere congratulations to Whale Cloud and China Telecom for accelerating digital transformation and their commitments to the Forum, our members and the industry as a whole.”

“We are beyond proud and honored to receive this award. We are determined to serve our customers with the best experience and to deliver new and innovative solutions,” said Fu Jianjun, Chief Marketing Officer of Whale Cloud International, ” Our partnership with Alibaba allows us to fully integrate Alibaba’s transformation strategies, approaches and technologies. As a global supplier, we will continue to help service providers in their digital transformation process.”

About Whale Cloud

Whale Cloud is a subsidiary company of Alibaba Group, providing Cloud, Analytics and AI-based software solutions to Telecom operators, Industrial enterprises and Government sectors in more than 80 countries. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Whale Cloud can offer solutions to support digital transformation across multiple industries. 

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