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Philips Lighting works with China Telecom to boost smart city application

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Philips Lighting Holding has cooperated with China Telecom to promote smart-city application in China through using its smart Internet-connected lighting technology and China Telecom’s NB-IoT (narrow band-Internet of Things) technology and networks, according to Philips Lighting senior vice president and Greater China president John Wang.

IoT management services for global enterprise customers

The cooperation will promote construction of smart-city infrastructure and development of smart-city application through connecting smart outdoor lighting systems with smart-city networks, Wang said. As China Telecom has set up an IoT open platform based on Ericsson Device Connection Platform (DCP) to offer IoT management services for global enterprise customers, smart-city application can be introduced to overseas markets via the open platform.

Philips Lighting earlier in 2017 launched CityTouch flex, a smart Internet-connected street lighting system, in the China market, with the system able to connect with various smart-city systems including emergency response, traffic light management, surveillance, pedestrian and traffic monitoring, and monitoring of weather conditions.

In Beijing, more than 100 sets of Philips smart LED street lamps have been connected with China Telecom’s NB-IoT networks.

Philips Lighting has promoted CityTouch in 850 cities around 37 countries. CityTouch is used to manage 150,000 LED street lamps in Jakarta, Indonesia. According to Philips Lighting, LED lighting consumes 50% less power than conventional lighting products and smart Internet-connected LED lighting can further reduce power consumption by 30%. Philips Lighting expects smart Internet-connected LED lighting to cover population of three billion around the world in 2025.

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