CTA Lends Expertise at TelecomTV’s 5G Evolution Summit

CTA Lends Expertise at TelecomTV’s 5G Evolution Summit

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The topic of 5G took center stage in a recent webinar hosted by TelecomTV. With much debate over when 5G will be fully integrated into everyday life, when 5G will reach full deployment and who stands to gain most from it, there’s no shortage of topics to discuss. Luis Fiallo, Vice President of China Telecom Americas (CTA), was invited to be a panelist with other industry thought leaders to offer his expert opinion at TelecomTV’s 5G Evolution Summit. View the full “Making the Case for Standalone 5G” panel here and live Q&A—in which panelists weigh in on real-time poll results of technologies and capabilities most needed for optimized 5G systems—here. Keep reading for recap.

What’s Happening With Core 5G Deployments?

Most major markets across the world have launched commercial 5G services, but a slowdown has occurred. 5G implementation in North America has generally remained strong, but it lags behind China and the Asia Pacific region. According to GSMA’s Mobile Economy report released earlier this year, 31% of mobile connections in China and APAC were 5G in 2021, compared to those of North America at 13%. Additionally, where there is 5G in the U.S., it’s significantly slower than APAC markets.

Capital expenditure costs and the slowing economy are factoring into the 5G deployment slowdown. Fiallo offered that there is also a debate over how to use the technology.

“5G is not seeing a huge uptick because it’s one component. It’s a communications platform that enables something else at the other end or it’s bringing information back. You have to build an ecosystem of capabilities, and those ecosystems are still being worked out. As things evolve, there will be demand in the industry,” explained Fiallo.

How Can We Move 5G Forward?

The conversation progressed to a discussion of how to advance the use of 5G, with panelists agreeing that industry leaders should take charge by showing customers what’s possible and how it can help their businesses. Fiallo said CTA is focusing on early adopters who have already started to see the full advantages of 5G.

“Manufacturers have looked at automation to improve production and manage their supply chain, and 5G accelerates that,” commented Fiallo. “Use cases are becoming more common. It’s going to revolutionize the way things work, and we remain very optimistic about the deployment of this technology in the future.”

Fiallo said CTA is now working with those early adopters to accelerate performance. Improving solutions for current customers not only creates a better experience for customers and their end users, but it also allows CTA to continuously optimize and apply acquired knowledge to industries just starting to adopt 5G technology—ultimately benefitting the whole ecosystem.

Future Ready With CTA

Other topics discussed on the TelecomTV panel included how to continue to unleash standalone 5G and the technologies influencing 5G implementation. In the live Q&A, audience questions included “Is there any benefit to a multi-vendor 5G standalone core?”

Watch the full panel here and live Q&A here.  Contact CTA to discover how we can advance your business’ network with next-generation communications solutions.