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China Telecom Officially Launches 5G Network Service in China

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On October 31, Mr. Chen Zhaoxiong, the Vice-minister of Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, accompanied by the chairman of China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Tower, officiated the opening ceremony of PT Expo China 2019 to unveil the launch of 5G network service in China.

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Ke Ruiwen, the Chairman of China Telecom, remarked, “On the endeavor of 5G commercialization, driven by technology innovation,  the foundation of the network is supported by core services to work with applications that are key to the safe and secure digital ecosystem.”

China Telecom 5G Development Trends

China Telecom will align itself with the 5G development trends and sustainably expand partnerships, driven by technology innovations and user demand to further enhance the 5G industry prosperity and establish a safe, reliable and intelligent 5G network. The network will be comprised of rich content, advanced features and convenient 5G applications. The flexible, secure and user-friendly 5G service offering will constantly empower our senses of gain, happiness and sense of security, which truly represent “user-defined 5G”.

He emphasized that China Telecom will adhere to the SA direction, advocate, as well as foster the development of global 5G industry, and jointly develop 5G SA  strategic deployment framework. Today, the 5G SA commercial network was officially launched in Shenzhen, representing a remarkable milestone in the evolution of 5G technology.