NANOG 78 FEBRUARY 10-12, 2020

China Telecom Americas looks forward to exhibiting at NANOG 78 in San Francisco, CA. NANOG 78 takes place February 10-12, 2020, and will offer a great opportunity to network with colleagues, learn advanced networking techniques and discover new network applications. Register Here | Schedule...
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PTC 2020 JANUARY 18-22, 2020

PTC 2020 | JANUARY 18-22, 2020
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NANOG 77 OCTOBER 24-31, 2019

OCTOBER 24-31, 2019
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Intelisys Channel Connect | Monterey, CA September 25-27, 2019

As a leading supplier partner for the Intelysis agent community, China Telecom is excited to once again participate at Intelisys Channel Connect, one of the channel industry's premier networking events since 1998. Read More | Schedule a Meeting 
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Cisco Live | San Diego, CA | Booth 2433 June 9 - 13, 2019

China Telecom Americas looks forward to exhibiting at Booth 2433 at Cisco Live in San Diego, California. Cisco Live is an annual customer conference where you can build the foundation for your digital future. Transform your outlook, career, and potential by immersing yourself in five days of t...
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COVID-19 Relief

Questions about product discounts and support programs during COVID-19?