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When was China Telecom Americas established?

China Telecom Americas was opened in California in 2000 as a representative office of China Telecommunications Corporation. China Telecom USA was incorporated in 2002. This signaled the entrance of the first Chinese telecommunications company into the U.S. and of China Telecommunications Corporation into the global marketplace. Also in 2002, China Telecom USA received its 214 license from the Federal Communications Commission. Due to its expansion into Canada and Latin America, China Telecom USA changed its name to China Telecom Americas in October 2007.

What is the mission of China Telecom Americas?

China Telecom Americas’ mission is to deliver high-quality data and voice solutions and services between the Americas and China to businesses and carriers. China Telecom Americas is committed to providing unparalleled service and support. Our company’s service philosophy, FocusOne™, provides one-stop for a full suite of telecommunications service. Regardless of an organization’s location in the U.S. or abroad, China Telecom Americas can support the following:

  • One-Stop Inquiries: A local, single point of contact for global telecom service information
  • One-Stop Ordering: A local, single point of contact for ordering global services
  • One-Stop Billing: One invoice presented in a unified currency, streamlining the payment process
  • One-Stop Fault Reporting: A local, single point of contact for timely resolution

Where is China Telecom Americas headquartered?

China Telecom Americas is headquartered just outside of Washington, DC.  Our mailing address is:

China Telecom Americas
607 Herndon Parkway
Suite 201
Herndon, VA 20170 USA
Telephone: 703-787-0088
Fax: 703-787-0086
Toll-Free:  866-692-8872

What is China Telecom Americas’ relationship with China Telecom Corporation, Ltd.?

China Telecom Americas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom Corporation, Ltd.

What are some key facts about China Telecom Corporation?

  • China Telecom Ltd. Key Facts
  • Founded in 2000
  • Largest, No. 1 Fixed line operator
  • Operates as primary service provider to all 21 Southern provinces in China
  • Covers all 31 provincial territories in China
  • Owns and operates CHINANET (China’s largest Internet network)
  • Employs more than 371,000 professionals
  • Provides broadband access to 300 Cities in all 31 provinces
  • Manages 70 percent of Internet market in China
  • Registered Capital:  $19 billion
  • Total Assets:  Over $50 billion
  • Owns Trans-Pacific cables systems, including China-U.S., Japan-U.S., SEA-ME-WE3 in APCN2, SMW3, Flag, TAE, etc.
  • Possesses international bi-lateral connectivity to 100+ countries November 15, 2002 – Global IPO on the New York and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges

For more information about CT Corporation, please visit:

For more information about CT Corporation Limited, please visit:

What products or services does China Telecom Americas offer?

China Telecom Americas provides corporate customers with data and wholesale voice products between the Americas, China and Asia. For more information visit our Products and Services section.

How extensive is China Telecom’s network?

Please click here to see our network infrastructure in China.

Please click here to see our China-U.S. network.

Please click here to see our backbone in North America

How do I request assistance from Customer Support or submit a trouble ticket?

Online: Go to Customer Support

By telephone: 1-877-244-6241

By Email: [email protected]

Is China Telecom, Ltd. a publicly-traded company?

China Telecom owns 70% of China Telecom Corporation Limited which was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on November 14, 2002 and on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on November 15, 2002.  China Telecom Corporation Limited is the parent company of many of the provincial telecom companies.

To learn more, click here to visit our media and public information center.

What does the China Telecom Americas Logo mean?

The logo of China Telecom Americas is simple but elegant. The letter “C”, the initial letter of China Telecom, resembles open arms, with a modern and impressive look. It conveys China Telecom’s confidence and enthusiasm. It symbolizes an efficient telecom network connecting all corners and every customer, expressing our customer-oriented philosophy. It also implies the innovative, practical and progressive spirit of the company as well as our vision of development and prosperity and our mission to strive for a better life.

The logo uses the color of blue, which represents hi-tech, innovation and progress. The vigorous-looking calligraphy used in the text, combined with the international style logo, reflects the integration of the traditional, callic design with modern, fashionable element.

Where can I get more information on doing business in China?

Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China:

Ministry of Trade and Industry:

China Business and Information Center:

China Business Guides:

Department of Commerce U.S. Commercial Service:

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