Escalation Procedure

China Telecom America’s escalation procedure has been established to provide our customers with the ability to notify our upper management of service or operational system problems. This procedure also applies to installation of new services. We track all problems through a comprehensive trouble reporting system.

Technical Support and Problem Resolution Escalation Procedures

Technical Support. China Telecom Americas provides Customers with Technical Support (24 x 7) with a telephone/pager number for submission of all requests for support and/or technical assistance, 877-244-6241. An on-call support technician will answer the telephone/pager number. You can also email a technician at [email protected]

Problem Classification

The following Problem Classification Table definitions are used for classifying performance issues.

Classification Criteria

Severity 1 (Critical) The Service is non-operative or significantly impaired. Data transmission cannot be conducted without significant delay, if at all. No known work around is currently available.

Severity 2 (Degraded) The Service does not function as designed.

Severity 3 (Minimal) This group includes problems that have little or no impact on daily business process.

Response Expectations

If the Bandwidth Service fails to operate in conformance with the Performance Standards set forth above, either China Telecom Americas  will itself note the problem, or Customer may so notify China Telecom Americas. Immediately thereafter, a customer will classify the problem and China Telecom Americas will assign at least one engineer to resolve the situation. If China Telecom Americas determines that the problem is due to customer equipment or premises wiring changes, escalation procedures may be halted.

The following information will be tracked on all trouble calls:

  • Name of person at China Telecom Americas NOC
  • Customer name/location
  • Circuit ID
  • Trouble start time
  • Description of trouble
  • Category or Escalation Stage
  • Name of LEC/Inter-exchange carrier DNCC person and call back number
  • Log of current status, vendor commitments and required action (time stamped)
  • Service restoration time

China Telecom America’s fault report process offers 24 x 7 support for fault resolution so customers can report a fault at any time. China Telecom America  s established Customer Service Centers in all provinces with highly trained professional staff that can resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

For more specific information on China Telecom America’s escalation procedures, please contact our headquarters at 1-703-787-0088.