Cisco-Viptela SD-WAN Hybrid Solution

Managed Hybrid SD-WAN from China’s Leading Enterprise Network Provider

Product Overview

The enterprise is undergoing a massive transformation as bandwidth requirements skyrocket and more applications move to the cloud. Delivering network performance, security and visibility while keeping network management costs in check remains critical as these businesses scale across multiple locations. China Telecom’s Cisco-Viptela Hybrid SD-WAN Solution can help you simplify your WAN deployments, lower costs and reduce risks with a cloud-centric approach to control management and orchestration.


China Telecom’s Cisco-Viptela Software Defined WAN solution offers high quality application performance to improve end-user experience.

Flexible, one-stop SD-WAN solution

Includes cloud access, management portal, managed services, underlay service and more.

Increased Agility & Reliability

Delivers greater business agility and reliability through application-level visibility, control and an integrated set of security functions.

Better Visibility & Automation

Optimizes cloud and on-premises application performance with real-time analytics, visibility, and control.

Optimized Bandwidth Utilization & Performance

Adapt in real time to bandwidth demands and network conditions.

Reduced CAPEX & OPEX Costs

Simple and flexible price model, plus lowered OPEX with simplified configuration and link provisioning.

Reduced IT Complexity

Reduce WAN complexity with improved maintenance and administration features.

Increased Branch Availability Time

Quickly establish an SD-WAN overlay over a MPLS/IP underlay that connects all your branch locations to improve network speed, security, and efficiency.

Stronger Security

Multi-tenant isolation, integrated security functions, traffic control in regional security centers.

World-class Customer Support

Full MPLS / Hybrid WAN Integration Support plus 24×7 global post-sale service


Clear SD-WAN evolution solution

  • Easily interconnect with customer’s existing traditional MPLS/IP network

Policy-based routing

  • Monitoring, visibility and traffic management features

Built on CTA’s affiliate core backbone network

  • Rich underlying link resources, SLA reliability and availability SLA guarantee up to 99.9%

Licensed carrier

  • Hybrid network is run as an overlay atop CTA’s affiliate core network, ensuring SD-WAN quality when crossing national borders.

Smooth integration between China Telecom and Cisco-Viptela

Free POC and Easy Onboard


Why should my company choose a hybrid SD-WAN solution?

A hybrid SD-WAN model easily connects branches and mobile users by steering apps down the best and highest-availability path via CTA’s MPLS / IP VPN network using Cisco-Viptela SD-WAN technologies.

Do I need new equipment to deploy a hybrid SD-WAN?

Can buy new or upgrade old equipment. However, most customers find their OPEX savings from deploying hybrid SD-WAN exceed their CAPEX expenditures through simplified configuration and link provisioning.

How can I ensure branch uptime?

With SLA guarantee up to 99.9%, CTA’s hybrid SD-WAN using Cisco-Viptela technologies is an overlay atop a MPLS/IP underlay that connects all your branch locations to improve network speed, security, and efficiency.

Is CTA’s hybrid SD-WAN solution secure?

Multi-tenant isolation, integrated security functions, and traffic control in regional security centers ensure the security of customers’ traffic.

Will China Telecom’s hybrid SD-WAN service scale as my organization’s needs grows?

China Telecom’s hybrid SD-WAN service using Cisco-Viptela technologies allows for easy configuration as communication as needs grow in complexity, volume and geography.


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