Case Studies

Manufacturing Use Cases for China

In the rapidly evolving landscape of manufacturing, innovation and connectivity are paramount. China Telecom Americas manufacturing use cases are tailored to provide you with valuable insights and real-world examples of how we support the manufacturing sector through our robust network connectivity and data solutions.

Discover Our Featured Use Cases:

  • IPSec to Azure: Learn how we addressed establishing a fully meshed network connecting their overseas HQ with Azure Shanghai, Azure Hong Kong, Azure Tokyo, and Azure Chicago.
  • 100MB Express Route: Learn how we implemented an end-to-end cross border MPLS solution connecting 15 sites across Europe, APAC and Canada
  • Cross Border MPLS: Explore the success story of a dual 100MB express route connection between an overseas HQ to Shanghai Azure and Hong Kong Azure
  • IoT Network: See how we streamlined manufacturing expansion using a global MPLS VPN, IoT Solutions and Cloud Services

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