China Telecom Americas utilizes expert personnel, rigorous processes and its unified customer network monitoring management platform to deliver end-to-end, real-time proactive monitoring and network troubleshooting to clients. The CTA NETCARE team manages maintenance and warranty services for customer premise equipment (CPE) owned by the client or clients may choose to lease CPE equipment from us and have it managed by the NETCARE team.

With the CT NETCARE team supporting day-to-day WAN and CPE monitoring and troubleshooting, clients’ IT resources are freed up for other corporate priorities. Our team proactively reduces fault detection and handling times, delivering outstanding service to end users and economies of scale to our clients worldwide.

Key Features & Benefits

  • End-to-End Service: We deliver 24/7 end-to-end operations monitoring management service to customer’s WAN (including customer-owned or leased CPE), guaranteeing the stability and performance of the customer’s network.
  • Proactive, Real-Time Service: Monitors real-time operation status of the customer’s network, detects customer network fault and troubleshoots to reduce fault recovery time. Through regular analysis of the customer’s network, our CT NETCARE team will also proactively suggest ways to optimize service uptime and network performance.
  • Simplicity: NETCARE gives clients one point of contact for all monitoring, troubleshooting service and support requirements.
  • Transparency: Customers get access to in-depth reports for their own analysis. The customer web interface, “VIP Customers Valet Service System”, displays real-time network performance status and fault handling processes, making our network and service quality fully transparent to users.
  • Equipment Leasing Options: The customer WAN maintenance management outsourcing service and CPE equipment lease service reduce a customer’s initial investment and long-term operation and maintenance costs compared to the cost of buying required CPE. CPE options include the full range of routers and switches from Cisco and Huawei.
  • Level of Service Options: Two service packages are available to meet different amounts and levels of support required by clients.
  • Global Reach: CT NETCARE services can be delivered globally.
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