CDN Product Overview

Network Connectivity right at your fingertips from China Telecom.

Our industry-leading network delivers Internet-based content directly to users within geographically distributed end points located throughout China. Businesses can access our full network capabilities to obtain high performance speeds that ensure users can obtain content securely without interruptions across dedicated cloud servers. China Telecom’s Content Delivery Network owns its IP, as businesses obtain cost-effective, competitive pricing packages without requiring third-party transit providers.

Your company can efficiently upload content to the Content Delivery Network in China as it will not experience slower performance, which are issues common when using outside networks such as Hong Kong CDN providers. This service is fully scalable to businesses of all sizes, allowing you to purchase CDN packages tailored to your needs during high demand periods when your business grows. With 84 global PoPs and over 50 catching nodes, content is efficiently delivered while network optimization features and a web-based media portal offers analytics options, log file queries and real-time usage reports quickly.

Optimal CDN Benefits for Global Businesses

When you need your content to reach users without loss of speed or performance, China Telecom offers exceptional content
delivery by providing the following benefits.

  • Flexible Scalability
  • Real-Time Media Monitoring and Tracking
  • Adaptive Network Capabilities
  • Enhanced Content Security
  • Customized Service Packages
  • Exceptional Customer Experience

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