Enterprise Cloud Services

According to Bain & Company, China’s cloud computing market was worth $1.5 billion in 2013. However, that figure is expected to go up to $20 billion by 2020, a compound annual growth rate of approximately 40 percent.

To support such growth, China Telecom Americas offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise cloud services  through a ten-site, multi-continent cloud network built with next generation technology. Supported by dedicated teams of network specialists and engineers, our customers are able to continually realize successful, cost-effective global cloud deployments that scale with the speed of their business.

As the majority of enterprises transfer mission-critical applications and sensitive data to the cloud, we will be there in support of strategic IT initiatives with the following premium public, private and hybrid Cloud resources and services well into the future.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Customers can save significant IT capital expenses – as well as dramatically accelerate their time to market – by hosting their software applications in secure off-site cloud facilities. China Telecom offers the following cloud-based software applications:

  • Cloud Email Server: Hosted exchange access from anywhere.
  • Virtual Firewall: provides industry-leading Web application attack protection, ensuring continuity and high availability of Web applications while reducing security risks.
  • Cloud Desktop: China Telecom’s CTclouds Desktop solution offers an end-to-end integrated virtual desktop package, a highly configurable and easily manageable user solution that offers high compatibility with all major fixed and mobile terminal types (including Windows PC, Apple, iPhone/iOS, and Android phones and tablets) .

Infrastructure/Platform as a Service (PaaS)

For businesses considering extending their IT platforms into cost effective, high performance cloud environments, we offer these IaaS/PaaS solutions:

  • Microsoft or Linux VM (virtual machines)
  • Cloud servers
  • Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Connect
  • One-stop Azure EA credit, training, design, implementation and managed service
  • Server, storage and network hardware rental service (3 year contracts)
  • VMware infrastructure setup
  • VMware infrastructure managed service

Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS)

Safeguard your most critical business data with a customized cloud solution designed to protect, secure, back up and quickly recover your data in the event of disaster.

  • Cloud Back Up provides reliable data storage & disaster recovery
  • Remote Fault Monitoring and Load Balancing
  • 24x7 Security Management
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • 24x7 Global NOC with bilingual support
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Low maintenance & overhead costs
  • Support for Cloud Migrations, Integrations and Deployments
  • Customized Enterprise Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Site

Disaster Recovery: CTclouds Disaster Recovery ensures the safety of your most critical data, providing fast and reliable data storage, retention and recovery, while guaranteeing robust business continuity and security in a high performance cloud environment.

Cloud Security: China Telecom’s innovative Cloud Security Defense Service protects individual nodes in the global resource pools of cloud computing, utilizing advanced security technologies deployed across multiple network levels to deliver a comprehensive monitoring and response approach to cloud protection.

Public Cloud Solutions

According to IDC Research, over 30% of all IT spending will go toward cloud computing by 2020, with much of that spend being devoted to public cloud solutions as agility craving enterprises continue to seek highly-elastic IT environments with cost and administrative efficiencies.

Through our global network of cloud equipped data centers and thousands of industry-recognized certified cloud architects in both the Americas and across Asia-Pacific, China Telecom Americas can ensure a unified globally interconnected public cloud environment to support your mission-critical business applications.

China Telecom Americas provides both localized, cost-effective public cloud options and AWS Direct Connect or AZURE ExpressRoute connections both in the Americas and China.

Private & Hybrid Cloud Solutions

For customers requiring a highly secure, custom built, on-premises private cloud package in China, China Telecom offers a full array of design, sourcing, orchestration services supported by SLAs based on project scope and support from both local and in-country CCIE engineers and project management support teams.

We also team up with our customers to build flexible, highly-scalable, hybrid cloud architectures for customers requiring transpacific design, orchestration and management services for both private on-premises solutions and global third-party, public cloud connectivity solutions offering both AWS DirectConnect and AZURE Expressroute service.

Cloud Partner Certifications

  • VMware Professional Solution Provider
  • VMware VCP
  • VEEAM Gold Pro Partner
  • Microsoft MVP
  • Citrix CNA
  • Cisco Gold Partner
  • Cisco Cloud & Managed Services Program (MSCP) Partner
  • Cisco CCIE & CCNA Certified Support Teams
  • Microsoft Gold Medal Certification Partner
  • FSNetworks Solution partner in China
  • IBM BPA Partner
  • DELL Core Agent
  • HP Secondary distributor
  • POLYCOM Partner
  • FORTINET Partner
  • NET Partner
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