Unified Communications

Global digital communication is rapidly approaching convergence: a wide range of voice, video, and data collaborative technologies, delivered and managed within common network resources, and accessible from any mobile or desktop device. This convergence is known as Unified Communications (UC).

UC enables your organization to dramatically streamline your telecom assets, while making them more scalable, more affordable, and more capable of meeting your evolving business needs. For businesses that need efficient global communication, China Telecom’s UC services provide the tools necessary for making the most of available digital telecommunications resources.

Our Unified Communications products include:

  • GPBX. Create a virtual PBX via VPN, integrating the voice telephony of your worldwide branches into a single unified number dialing schema and extension system. This highly flexible service allows your business to distribute your extensions digitally among different countries and regions, as well as allow them to be served by different operators, if necessary.
  • SIP Trunking. Leverage our next generation IP networks for global VoIP services, extending your business communications worldwide without risk of oversubscription or costly CAPEX investments.
  • International 4008. Strengthen your business presence in China, with a single toll free 4008 phone number for domestic access across Mainland China. Connect incoming calls immediately with a designated overseas operator or call center.
  • International Toll Free Service (ITFS). Establish toll free numbers (for example, an 800 number in America) in countries around the world, consolidating incoming customer calls as necessary into overseas call centers.
  • Cloud Conferencing. Leverage China Telecom’s advanced IP networks and broad endpoint device support to enjoy flexible, global voice and video teleconferencing at very competitive subscription rates. Comprehensive voice, video, and Web conferencing services available in over 70 countries.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Lower Cost Structure: Competitive international call rates, reduced travel and savings associated with upgrading traditional on-site services.
  • High Quality: Utilize CTG global premium voice network for enterprises
  • Flexible package: Offer tailor-made package based on the requirements of enterprise customers
  • Increased productivity: Bring people and virtual workgroups together for meetings any time.
  • Global Coverage: Over 70 countries served
  • Premium customer service: US-based 24/7 customer support available in English and Chinese.
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