Microsoft Teams On-Premise Solution

A unique, end-to-end cloud communications solution for China

Product Overview

CTA’s Microsoft Teams On-Premises Solutions provide multinational customers access to a unique local PSTN access option, including city-specific (Direct Inward Dial) numbers. This “first in cloud” solution eliminates the cost and complexity of gateway-based services, providing a consistent, agile and dependable way to support inbound and outbound calling.

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High Call Quality

  • Telephony services supported via China-based data center(s)
  • Service enabled via local interconnect with China Telecom Voice Network
  • Locally originated national calls remain within Chinese borders
  • International calls are connected using the 400 platform via the nearest in-region Point-of-Presence (POP)

Unified User Experience

  • Standardize the use of MS Teams Work desktop and mobile app worldwide for all employees
  • Create a consistent and organized remote working environment that motivates productivity and fosters staff well-being

Resource Efficiency

  • “100% cloud” solution—a customer premises gateway is not required
  • All-in-one billing and portal
  • One-stop shopping for multiple-city requirements
  • Additional remote employees and offices can be added and then managed centrally
  • Reduce operational overheads and increase speed


CTA’s Microsoft Teams On-Premise Solution features:

Local numbers

  • City-specific DID numbers in all major business hubs and free trade zones in China, including 300+ cities
  • Toll-free numbers available, where national coverage is required

Simplified billing

  • NRC and MRC channel usage charges (certain fees may be waived with an order of more than 100 channels and a 3-year term)
  • China domestic and international call package(s)
  • Unlimited calling plan is available upon request
  • Extension-to-extension dialing for all employees, regardless of location

Enhanced local telephony services

  • Local caller ID
  • Short prefix dialing
  • Emergency services access

Legacy TDM PBX and analog device support

  • Auto attendant
  • Call queue and parking
  • Speed dial
  • Quiet hours

Local media optimization and media bypass

Simplified Skype for business migration support with advanced routing features

Secure SIP trunk interconnected to Microsoft Teams Azure®cloud


So, what’s new?

CTA affiliate in-country partnerships further extend its extensive portfolio of carrier relationships that enable it to offer full PSTN replacement services in over 20 countries and local DID (Direct Inward Dial) number support in more than 100 countries.

Specifically, this new capability provides multinational customers with the new option to select a local DID (Direct Inward Dial) number, for the city in which they have an office. Over a dozen city dial locations in China are supported, including the major international business hubs and a majority of cities in China.

Isn’t that already possible, using an in-country gateway?

Traditionally, due to the lack of local PSTN interconnect options from international carriers and most cloud voice providers, companies have been forced to rely upon the combination of costly locally hosted gateway devices and VPNs to connect China-based personnel and their local contacts.

This older, compromise solution is complex and costly to manage, and is a potential single point of failure. It only enables the local break-out of domestic calls to/from international destinations onto China’s public telephone network. International VoIP calls are not supported in China, which further limits the call scenarios supported by a gateway solution.

What are the benefits of the solution?

Any inbound call that originates in China is onward-connected, without the call leaving Chinese jurisdiction. Similarly, outbound calls from a China-based user to a domestic PSTN number will remain in China, with local caller ID correctly presented. Most importantly, and often a key customer requirement, calls to local emergency services numbers are also supported: including police @110; fire @119; ambulance @120.

What type of DIDs are available?

The number ranges are geography-specific, corresponding to the main business hubs and Free Trade Zones in China, including from Chengdu in the west, Guangzhou in the south, Shenyang in the north and Ningbo in the east.

Are there any further considerations when planning to add users or numbers for China?

We will provide end-to-end hosted solution and dedicated SBC for customers who order more than 1,000 numbers in China. For smaller demand, we will provide an on-premises solution which may share virtual PBX with other customers or dedicated SBC. As such, it’s recommended that you review the potential rollout schedule to ensure that the available capacity is ready to accommodate the required system size. Note that only customers with users that are physically located and registered in China can take advantage of these services.


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