Cloud & Data Centers

No longer do businesses have the luxury of single site implementations and regional service scopes: in a rapidly expanding global economy, the power of telecommunications, collaboration, and IT efficiency has taken the leap into much larger domains. For organizations in need of cloud, colocation, or global content delivery services, China Telecom provides the extensive resources necessary for businesses to succeed in the 21st century.

Content Delivery Network. Our sophisticated, high quality data transmission solution, designed specifically for the complex challenges involved in delivering multimedia, online gaming, software distribution and other high volume content delivery applications.

Enterprise Cloud Services. Our highly scalable cloud deployment products and hosting services, from XaaS infrastructures and virtual desktop implementation, to extensive private and hybrid cloud architectures.

Data Centers (IDC, Colocation, Engineering). Our worldwide network of high performance and secure Internet data centers, offering the services and capacity for all of your organization’s hosting and colocation IT needs.

Reliability and Uptime: 99.99% facility uptime service level agreement (SLA)
Power Availability: New high performance data center sites provide high-density power and cooling for the latest generation of servers
Redundancy: N+1 redundancy for UPS, generators, power distribution and cooling
Safety: 24x7 environmental control monitoring and alerts, dry pipe fire suppression system
Security: 24x7 security management and site access control
Service: The China Telecom IDC support team subscribes to the most rigorous processes and procedures to ensure reliability, availability and security
Certifications: Hands on services are provided by Cisco Certified International Experts (CCIE), Cisco Certified Network Professionals (CCNP) and other certified experts. China Telecom has achieved ISO27001 certification (Information Security Management System) and ISO9000 (two-part quality management system) and ISO9001 (quality management system) compliance
Environmentally Conscious: China Telecom has established “green” data center policies to be mindful of energy consumption, and to that end, utilizes virtualization and cloud computing technologies in its centers.

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