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Content Delivery Network
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Connecting people to content is vital in this information age.  Whether for an enterprise trying to keep its employees productive or for a media company distributing its content, China Telecom Americas delivers highest-quality solutions that connect people and content.

Growing Media Company Meeting Demand for Western Content

China's economy is booming coincidentally with the growth of the Internet.  A large percentage of Chinese consumers consider the Internet their primary source for news and entertainment.  There is also a keen interest in Western media.  One major online media company, China Telecom Americas' client, saw the opportunity to distribute its content to millions of wired consumers in China, yet had to be confident that the content would be available and delivered reliably. 

News Agency Enabling 1,000+ Field Reporters to Securely File Stories

The business of news is truly a global 24 x 7 operation.  Reporters and editors need secure and reliable communication channels.  One of the world's top news agencies has thousands of reports in China spread far and wide.   The reporters need a secure and reliable method to file reports to editors in the company's New York headquarters, regardless of where they are physically located.  

Solutions that Connect People and Content

Companies interested in spreading their resources or content throughout Asia, and particularly in China, need a partner with the greatest network coverage for consumers, businesses and for their workers on the go.  China Telecom Americas has supported these objectives with:

  • Management of the largest network in China, with the greatest market share of any service provider in the region.  Chances are the people the media company wants to reach are already connected to China Telecom
  • Management of a private intranet for many thousands of users who need a secure and reliable Internet connectivity wherever their work may take them
  • Single sourcing and billing for all these services
  • Scalable reach from private line to ADSL access

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