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China Telecom Americas Webinar

"Catch the Eyeballs in the Internet Community of Most Netizens" 
Archived Presentation

This webcast was originally broadcast on:
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST

China had 485 million Internet users by June 2011. China has as many Internet users as the total population of USA, the UK, Canada and Germany combined. It is projected that China's Internet population will hit 718 million by 2013, accounting for 52.7 percent of the total population. Broadband makes up the majority of Internet connections in China, with 363.81 million users at this service tier. Wireless, especially the mobile phone Internet access has developed rapidly. 277 million are accessing the Internet via cell phones. It took about 7 years for the total number of Chinese Internet users to go from 30 to over 300 million, but it took less than half that time for mobile Internet users to do the same.

In order to better serve the Chinese eyeballs for the international web contents, China Telecom established the first oversea POP in Los Angeles in 2000 and expanded the international Internet bandwidth exponentially since then. By the end of year 2011, the China-USA international Internet bandwidth is around 450G, which is more than 100 times of that for last decade. China Telecom Americas Corp.(CTA) is the wholly owned America subsidiary of China Telecom Corporation Limited (NYSE: CHA) to offer the Internet service in global market. Please join in the webinar with Chi (Andy) Zhang to know updates about China and global Internet market and the China Access and Global Transit Internet product offered by CTA.

This Webinar takes a close look at China and global Internet market and how China Access and Global Transit Internet product offered by China Telecom can benefit you to reach to the eyeballs in the Internet community of most Netizens. You'll hear real examples of prestigious ISPs/ICPs successful stories leveraging on China Telecom’s global Internet infrastructure, IPv6 technology and ‘e-surfing’ mobile Internet access service.

Who should attend:

  • Internet Content Providers (ICPs)
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) service providers
  • Cloud Computing service providers
  • Enterprise needs Internet access
  • Consumer needs Internet access

  Chi (Andy) Zhang
Lead of Product
China Telecom Americas Corp.

Chi (Andy) Zhang is the Lead of Product in China Telecom Americas Corp. supervising the product organization of the Company. He has 15 years of professional experience in the telecom and IT industry. Mr. Zhang held international MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management (US) and Master of Computer Science from Tsinghua University (China). He is Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) and Project Management Professional (PMP). Before he joined in China Telecom in the USA in 2003, he worked in Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) and Ministry of Information Industry (MII) in China.



Erik K. Linask
Group Editorial Director

Erik oversees the daily operation of TMCnet, which delivers news, information, videos, white papers, podcasts, and more to three million visitors each month. He is also a contributor to TMCnet as well as TMC’s IP Communications publications. Prior to joining the TMC team, several years ago, he was Managing Editor at Global Custodian, a global securities services publication, where he also managed the magazine’s survey research. Erik began his professional career at management consulting firm Leadership Research Institute.